The name Rick Riordan sparks off an energetic streak of excitement down our spines. He&’s the one who took Greek mythology to another level, brought an exciting sense of humour in the stories of Egyptian Gods, adventure to Roman Mythology and reinvented Norse Mythology in an impressive style. He never planned to write mythical series, instead started his writing career with suspense and thriller novels.

He won hearts with his humorous yet nail-biting mysteries. He was born on 5 June 1964 in the big-hearted city of San Antonio, Texas. 

His first book, The Big Red Tequila gave his career a head start and introduced another great detective in the ‘Big Bad List of Detectives’. He then suddenly steered off the course of mystery and started writing mythology. With the Percy Jackson series, he earned his fame.

He stole our hearts with the Kane Chronicles and started with Heroes of Olympus in which he brought both Roman and Greek Mythology together. Richard Russell ‘Rick’ Riordan Jr. had graduated from Alamo Heights High School and wanting to be a guitar player, he first attended the music programme at North Texas State. He was then transferred to the University of Texas in Austin where he studied English and History. 

After receiving his teaching certificate, he taught English and Social Studies for eight years at Presidio Hill High School in San Francisco. Rick Riordan married Becky Riordan on 5 June 1985. Known in the world as The Best Cliffhanger, there is not a single book of his that has a happy ending. Every book has a brilliant twist and a cliffhanger ending that leaves us yearning for the sequel. 

He was truly a god-gifted person being one of the best fictional myth writers. The ability to turn legends into an unexpected yet comical story requires much talent and artistic skill and Rick Riordan proved his worth by writing the Percy Jackson series that is still a bestseller even after five years. No one can forget perhaps the most sarcastic detective in the world, Tres Navarre.A maze of thrills and twists here and there, it’s no less fun than a roller coaster ride. If you aren’t an avid reader, Rick Riordan will turn your mind upside down once you sit with his books.

Coordinator, Class IX, Don Bosco School