What happens when you see the society around you crumbling down to bits? You either sit back and do not bother, or retaliate. We, as aspiring writers, always say ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. True. But what about music? If it is the food of love, can it also not be the food for thought?

Anupam Roy, through his album Bakyobageesh, gives us reason to sit and think. With amazing songs like Chaka, Rajprasader Bondee, Je Shawmaje and obviously Bakyobageesh, he penetrates through the social system at present and points out the faults in it. Songs like Chaka show the rotation of the eternal wheel of time and how it affects us. Je Shawmaje points out how unconventional people are ostracized in the society. ‘Babu Re’ is a poignant take on the social hierarchy and Bakyobageesh is a wonderful song on the present condition of the human race.

While Matir Rawng and Ghawrkuno Ghas’ are a bit lighter, Deshlai Bakshow is all about one person’s different avatars and Rajprasader Bondee attacks the orthodox and primeval society of today. Overall, the songs are brilliantly written, witty, with catchy tunes. With deep inner meanings, the songs are unforgettable. They will not only make you hum to their tunes but also will do an important thing which many songs are unable to do: they will make you think and with a jolt, you will find yourself saying ‘Play on’.
Ananya Ray, class IX, Coordinator, Gokhale Memorial Girls’ School