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Aspirations flying high


Indians are going abroad for higher studies more than before. With so many students aspiring to study abroad there is a need for reliable information and competent guidance. Unfortunately, sometimes students getting deported either for a fraudulent university or enrolled in a genuine university based on fudged applications that did not reflect their actual abilities. Here are some common basic mistakes that lead to such tragedies.

Not doing your own research: It seems daunting to identify a school and programme when there are literally thousands of options. One should use a good college search engine and should read about its accreditation. If the country one wants to study in offers student services in the city, use them as much as possible. Check out the Facebook pages of programmes you are interested in and ask questions.

Thinking money is a shortcut to everything: Many people start calculating how much they can pay or borrow, even before they’ve identified a course. Just because you can afford to study abroad, that is no reason to enroll in a course. The important thing is to first find something you really want to do, and then work on your budget.

Thinking you’ll get through your course once you’re in: In India, we tend to cram before exams, and take it easy through the rest of the year. Exams are important, but this approach will not get you very far. Be prepared to work hard throughout the term. One should choose the course that they desire to pursue in future. Relying excessively on rankings and reputation: Rankings only give an idea of the quality of the institution not of a particular programme or specialisation. You should look to work with faculty members whose academic interests align with yours.  Not knowing who you are and what you want: At both undergraduate and graduate levels, it is important to be honest with yourself and the school you’re applying to, about why you fit into their programme. 

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