A brilliant student, son of an illustrious father, youngest vice-chancellor of Calcutta University, a consumate politician who put nation above self and was never hesitant to tread a road less travelled, Syamaprasad Mookherjee had many feathers in his cap. But few are aware that he researched on Bengali theatre at the university he was to head some years. Just as he did in public life, Mookerjee burned the candle at both ends when he delved into the evolution of Bengali stage. Of course, it is difficult to associate with the man who held his audience spell bound by his speeches on national issues with arc lights, stage and actors on it. For the stage was shunned by genteel folk when the young researcher set upon himself to look far beyond the grease paint and the props. The fruits of his labour were later published on January, 1924 in the Calcutta Review magazine. In 1945, it was translated into Bengali by Manilal Bandopadhaya in Natya Bharati, a magazine he edited. Mookherjee’s labour of love has been reprinted by Sutradhar. Two other write-ups by Jyotirindranath Tagore and Byomkesh Mustafi has considerably added value to the 63- page booklet compiled by Debiprasad Ghosh. Incidentally, the booklet has been released from 77 Asutosh Mookherjee Road, the house where Syamaprasad lived and the place where his mortal remains were brought after his fateful journey to Kashmir.