In this age of technology, several gadgets, such as mobile phones, laptops and computers have become a part and parcel of one’s life. Even statistics corroborate this. As per figures available as on May, around 1033.20 million people own mobile phones in India and around 1.1 million are added every month. With the country on the fast track in the digital race, Indians are said to be adept at the electronic technology. However, this has proved to be an unsurmountable hill to quite a few people, particularly from the older generation. 

A colleague narrated how a middle-aged man was hauled up in a Metro train for a crime he perhaps did not commit. It so happened that this man was taking his "selfies" without realising a young girl was sitting next to him.Soon the young lady raised a protest, saying the man was taking her photographs on the sly. A motley group gathered around him and began berating the nonplussed man. Our colleague took the offending mobile phone but found no pictures of the girl. However, the co-passengers, not satisfied with the man’s explanation that he had randomly hit some button and had no intention of taking photographs inside the Metro train, forced the person to move to another seat. Our colleague could not help but wonder whether the man was after all telling the truth. 

In another incident, our colleague’s elderly uncle opened an account on Facebook. While browsing the application one day, he inadvertently hit the "like" button on an obscene picture. Much to his embarrassment, the picture popped up on the accounts of all his Facebook friends! Yet another senior citizen acquired a smartphone and the next month got a monthly bill of Rs 4,000. Apparently he had opened the Internet and was randomly clicking on several links. It only goes to show that modern technology is not meant for everyone.