Many of you may believe that aliens may be just part of sci-fi movies and nothing else. But for those people who don’t believe in them and those who do but can’t prove it, I’d like to bring the fact that our earth is just one of the many planets in the solar system which is just one of the many ‘star’ systems in the milky way galaxy which is just one of the many galaxies in the universe and who knows, there many be even bigger things than the universe itself. 

Each Black Hole is thought to contain a different universe which it has sucked in since the Big Bang. So, my question is, do you think that with more than a trillion trillion trillion objects floating around in the universe only one little plant which we humans call ‘earth’ is habitable?

It may be possible that the ‘aliens’ might not be intelligent enough to communicate across galaxies. 

We humans have just started space missions in the last century which compared to the age of our planet is not even a micro percent. 

Even the Hubble telescope has discovered more than 200 habitable planets far away in the distant corners of the Milky Way and beyond.

 Even though there is no solid proof of intelligent life beyond earth but they may be present some light years away from us. 

There may be other planets with life in the Palaeozoic era on earth, which was when plants of different types flourished the earth, the mesozoic era, which was when living beings including dinosaurs walked the earth, or even the cerozoic era which was when the first humans walked on the earth. 

These planets may be full of life and a healthy ecosystem but probably they don’t have the technology at the moment to communicate to us.

 Aliens don’t always mean that they have high tech weapons or have a language translator to talk to us or maybe they don’t even communicate through audio signals. Maybe they just communicate through physical touch receptors. Even if NASA found bacteria away from earth, they will be titled ‘alien’. The possibilities are numerous but they will be shaped according to the environment they are living in.

How life started on earth is a question which has confused all of mankind. Some say that it could be chemical reactions which started the first life. I believe in chemistry buy I refuse to believe that you just add some gases, some liquids and boom: you have life. Life can’t be created just in a lab. Some say that it might have been aliens that may have started it. I don’t know if its true but I like to believe that one.

I like to think of our earth as a fish tank. You first wait for the fish tank to get ready. Then you add the necessary elements required for the future residents to survive but not too much, you don’t just want your fish to sleep all day and do no work. Then you put 2 or 3 fish in the tank. After some days you come to inspect it. If you see that the fish are having some problem then you try to solve it.

Just like that, maybe we humans are just the ‘guinea pigs’ of the aliens’ ‘labs’. There have been controversies over the making of ancient buildings without the help of modern machinery. The pyramids of Egypt, the eastern heads of Chilean Polynesia and some more structures of the ancient world would have been difficult to erect even with today’s technology. Some "ancient alien astronomers" believe that maybe the aliens, who may have visited the earth, may have helped the residents of that part of the world. 

The ‘gods’ in all religions have something or the other in common. There are many gods whose physical characteristics match those of gods of other religions which are not even on the same continent. And this can’t be coincidence. They may have been visited by the same aliens but at different times. The Indian gods are always depicted with a shiny headgear. Maybe they were aliens who were helpful to them in some way and were wearing some kind of helmet with flashing LEDs. They are even depicted riding flying chariots. That could have been some kind of space shuttle. 

Heaven is always depicted with a cool weather and in the sky. It could be understood that heaven is thought to be beautiful and cool weathered because it was thought that only from such a place can the holy gods arrive. Hell is always depicted red and hot and beneath the suface of the earth. But how did ancient sadhus know that the inside of the earth is hot? They never visited the hell and there are only 6 volcanoes in total in India. Out of which barren island in the Andamans is out of reach for the continental sadhus who rarely went on long voyages.

So, let’s not think of vicious deadly aliens as Hollywood always portrays them. Instead, look at them as friendly beings like in ‘ET’ or even as a ‘Jadoo’…

Akash Kumar, class XI, Coordinator, Dreamland  School.