“Life is all about finding our own purposes. We don’t live to die; we live for our own purposes. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up. It’s all about giving our bests.” As the humid sea breeze made its way swirling into every single corner of the city, Miami, wrapping the nightlife into a never ending enigma, a youth in his early 20’s murmured these few lines into the microphone. 

For a couple of moments the frenzied audience seemed to put themselves into deep introspection, probably thinking if they truly knew their purposes.

The voice again rang through the microphone, “You’ve given me the best gift I’ve ever known, you’ve given me purpose”. The whirling wave of exhilaration ceased as the youngsters let themselves swing with the melodic tunes of the piano. 

After a break of almost two years, The Prince of Pop, Justin Bieber was back again with his monster hit album, Purpose.

Back in November 2015, the album was released in the iTunes  and 6, 49,000 copies were sold in its first week. 

The first single of the album made it position at number one in Billboard Hot 100 in U.S.A.

It also ranked ninth in the Aria Singles Chart of Australia and first in the U.K Singles Chart and in countries like Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Norway. Another album, ‘Sorry’ spent seven weeks at number one on the Canadian Hot 100 and three weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. 

In November 2015 "Love yourself", the third official single of this album was launched on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show. The song met international success prior to its release as a single, topping the charts at eight countries. "Company", "Life Is Worth Living", "Purpose", "Children", "Been You" are some other singles from this album that has conquered several international music charts every now and then.

 In this album Bieber  uses  handful of Electronic Dance Music and Rhythm and Blues features. The song "Where Are You Now" has bagged the most coveted music award, ‘Grammy’ for Best Dance Recording. He has won several awards including Video Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards for Collaboration of The Year, Teen Choice Awards and many more.

Purpose, a perfect blend of creation and imagination, represents a true artist. It has the influence of a tropical house and has showcased a large collection of acoustic settings. With melodious number it has made its own place in the marquee of the forever living tunes and points out a legend in making.

Coordinator, ex-Sakhawat Memorial Government Girls’ High School