Turn the pages of history books and you;ll find marriages used to be solemn occasions, taking place in the realms of nature. They were far from what we witness today. With lavish decorations and reception parties, one tends to wonder if such ceremonies are slowly losing out on the real intent of uniting two souls.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, so what;s more heavenly than decking up your precious moment with everything natural, away from the glitz and glamour of the fast turning synthetic world. Ditch the cliché and take a leap of faith, opt for a “green wedding” that comprises natural or recyclable resources.

To promote this, Ashu Garg, founder of Good Times Concept Events, says, “As the world is going green, it is a great platform for wedding occasions to go that way. In the plethora of eco-friendly weddings, we offer unique services in a way that create a great spot to showcase this. Also, a wedding is a time where people are willing to shell out money. So why not educate them on something which could be healthy for mother earth and helpful for upcoming generations?”

The most important decision in any wedding is to choose the venue, setting the stage and theme. However, traditional spaces such as hotel ballrooms and fancy resorts are likely to consume loads of electricity, water and other typical not-so-earth-friendly products. So if you;re looking to line up an eco-friendly wedding, then getting married in a beautiful botanical garden, a hilltop or a farm that offers modern conveniences like sinks and toilets can be a good option without sacrificing on your comforts.

With such open places, you;ll still be helping the planet for you;ll let the sun take care of all the light you need. But not all enjoy outdoor weddings and indoor wedding lovers can also have their fair share of contributing to going green. 

Imagine if your guest list is around 500, for which you have to print at least 250-300 invitation cards, for which one tree must be cut down. That;s not something eco-friendly, right?  E-invites can save so much resources. You need not send a letter a month in advance, besides today most people are smartphone-savvy, so give them a tinkle and inform them that they should be expecting an invite on messaging app or in the mail. However, if you;re not a believer in technology and want to send them an invitation card, then you can contact some stationers who offer recycled paper. Using tree-free milled paper can be more beneficial and eco-friendly.

Of course, you want your wedding to be the best, so what better than flowers that create an impact no other accessory can? They fill the ambience with positive vibes. Go to some organic florist. Using flowers that are replanted after the big day is a great option. It minimises waste and allows the flowers to continue to grow thereafter. 

Who wants their big day to look mundane? Instead of glitzy, use earth-friendly decorations that include recycled wood, natural stones or other organic material, all of which add the perfect touch of rustic and beautiful detail. You can use frozen dried petals and make trendy and stylish goodies. 

Aerated drinks and other synthetic food items are real fast-moving ones at a wedding or any other occasion. But how about including organically-grown food items? They are healthy and free from chemicals. In drinks, opt for organic wines and champagnes to add that green touch!

Want to go green and don;t know what to wear to match the theme? Just go for rewearing the gown/sari your mother once wore. Or if you want to don something new then go for natural fibres like organic cotton or silk. Beautify it by using carnations or small flowers or beads or stones to go with the theme.

Having done with all checklists, inspire others. Gift them a local handmade goodie. Also, a plant kit can be an interesting option, or how about some seed-filled crafts? Using bio-diesel maps to light up for conveyance, instead of petrol or normal diesel, is another way to reduce pollution.

With more people opting for a wedding of this sort, Garg says, “Eco-friendly weddings are in great demand by young couples as it looks all trendy and healthy. In fact, it becomes an inspiration too for others. In coming years, we look forward to doing more eco-friendly weddings with sui generis ideas. If you are a nature lover and want everybody to enjoy it, this is a must-try. With no wastage at all of natural resources, it goes down all the way to saluting mother earth. Good Times Concept Events always try to provide the best services and learn something new every single day because life is all about experiences and joy, as in making others; lives better.” 

India Blooms News Service/Trans World Features