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A dream and a promise

A dream and a promise

Annesha Chatterjee |

I have only heard the story of that fire burning incessantly to achieve independence, to throw off the oppression of the foreign colonists, to set aside individual perceptions and dreams and make a collective endeavour by sacrificing their own hearts!  And since then another 68 years have passed. The meaning of liberty is now often misguiding us with the word liberalism in every sense. 

How could it be possible that a baby died before birth because of unavailability of medical care? The food suggested for babies often available as adulterated. Even the vaccine is not able to protect the diseases!

In my dream of a perfect India, all the people should not only have the right of study, work, to get justifiable salary, but there should be no necessity of any juvenile court or torture of any man or woman. There must no unnatural deaths, from famine, or suicide.  

All the students and teachers of my India will have singular attire, consume same type of food, pursue common course of study, including anthropology, sports and games, fine arts, therefore from the very beginning all will be equal. All political parties will have same (white) flag with a particular symbol at a corner, and then only it will not be possible to see the diverse colours that incite divisive thoughts.  No such villages will be found where the roads are broken or unusable, where drinking water is unavailable and required health-care system not present. 

No history would be further written about the tortured girl, or racial conflict, or gender oppression, or even religious controversy. 

Of my India, senility would be our blessing; it would teach us the promises that have to be fulfilled.

No such discussions will be necessary as the govt. scheduled maximum to minimum salary according to qualification and with less differentiation. No political party would have any deposited amount for the next and the next and next… election purposes!

On the international stage, we would not be busy to dilute the problems of other countries, but our warmth presence would be sufficient to learn from other nations what ought to be done, and what not, and then only I will claim, yes I am a person of an independent country named India!

Coordinator, Class X, Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani, Nadia.