Yet to receive cash prize, says Mohun Bagan footballer Sony Norde

Sony Norde (Photo: Twitter)

Mohun Bagan star Sony Norde said on Sunday that he his yet to receive the prize money for the 'Man of the Match' awards he has been won over two seasons.

The Haiti international has been one of the star players for the Kolkata giants, scoring 17 goals in the 45 matches he has played since joining the side in 2014.

"I did not receive anything. I won Man of the Match awards in the I-League last season as well as this season. I was also adjudged the best player in the Federation Cup. But I am yet to receive the cash," Norde told reporters here on Sunday.


The 27-year-old winger, however, adopted a philosophical attitude, claiming that he is happy to play his part in the team's success and is not bothered by the issue.

"If they give me the money, no problem. If they don't want to give, also I don't have a problem," he said.

Norde, who represented Haiti at the Copa America last year, said it is up to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and the sponsors to resolve the issue.

"It is the responsibility of the sponsors to pay the money to the club or the federation. When they want to pay, they will pay. So I don't have a problem. I won't talk to them. It is not my job," he said.