Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, on Tuesday, said that his team needed to move on quickly after being knocked out of the UEFA Champions League by Sevilla on Tuesday.

The Reds suffered a disappointing 2-1 defeat in the second leg at Old Trafford, as Ben Yedder scored twice to help Sevilla prevail 2-1 against the highly favoured Manchester United.

Mourinho said that they don’t have time for dramas and that they will have to work hard as on Saturday they have another important match. “Yes we have to look at winning the FA Cup and finishing in the top four. But a fantastic team like Tottenham has exactly the same target as us to do that. Liverpool have the Champions League but don’t have the FA Cup and that’s football and that’s life. We lost and tomorrow is another day. We have no time for dramas. We have to work because on Saturday we have another important match,” he said to MUTV.

Terming it to be a difficult match against Sevilla, Mourinho said that the first goal was important for the mentality, especially from the psychological point of view. “The team started well but the goal was missing. The first half, we had everything under control. Sevilla were more than happy with 0-0 and that was exactly what they tried for. In the second half, we had chances and dangerous approaches but they scored before us. After that, we were on the edge and it was really difficult. You can concede with more time to play. I expected this from them, this type of approach. They let the game go until a very dangerous period for us, which they did, and they scored a goal. After that, everything was more difficult as, especially, we had less time,” the manager told MUTV.

However, Mourinho said there was nothing wrong with the team’s attitude. “We had good situations, we had good periods. I don’t think we had control of the game because the opponent had that, but I cannot say that my players had something wrong in terms of their attitude and their intention to play.”