LONDON, 6 JUNE: It seems impossible for one-day cricket to be left alone simply to get on with its business. No sooner has one regulation been introduced than another follows.
Players, let alone spectators, can hardly know what’s going on. The rules governing the Champions Trophy, which starts on Thursday, seem likely to be changed again before the next World Cup, early in 2015. Word from the International Cricket Council’s cricket committee recently was that more amendments would be made to the recent amendments.
In particular, there seems to be concern about the use of two new balls, one from each end. This replaced the old regulation under which the ball was replaced after 34 overs (for a combination of discoloration and going soft). As the cricket committee noted, the changes had produced a more attacking game, with more boundaries and more wickets. But they were concerned about the detrimental impact on spin bowling. The committee decided to leave any recommended alterations to later in the year.
the independent