New Delhi, 23 August
He is regarded as the fastest Indian bowler on the international scene and young Umesh Yadav reckons that he has been selected in the team for “sheer pace” and will never ever compromise on speed for anything else.
“As a fast bowler, I needed to have a clear mind about what my priorities are. My strength is to bowl consistently at a fast pace and that will always be my aim as long as I play for the national team,” Yadav told PTI during an interview today. The 25-year-old speedster said that if he ever has to cut down on his pace, it will create a “problem.”
“If I have been selected in the Indian team to play across all formats, it is because I have the sheer pace more than anything else. Even when I got injured last season, cutting down on pace never ever crossed my mind. “Agreed, when you come back, your body asks you a few questions but you should always stick to doing what you do best,” said Yadav, who has played 9 Tests and 26 ODIs for India so far.
Whenever a new season starts, there is talk about players trying to add a weapon or two in their armoury but Yadav feels that there is not much improvisation that a speedster can bring into his bowling than what exists currently.
“Tell me what new can a bowler bring to the table apart from what we have seen so far.  Whether it is back of the hand slower delivery or change in pace, there’s nothing new that the batsmen can’t counter.
So it’s more important that we do any one thing consistently,” he explained. For the Vidarbha lad, his idea of consistency is to bowl outswingers at a brisk pace.  Glenn McGrath’s advice to him has been to find a “spot and hit there consistently.”