Kolkata, 3 Septmeber
With Shri Charan Memorial Cup falling through despite two attempts to reframe it, tomorrow&’s card of six races is without any trophy event on offer.
A Memorial Cup is normally framed as a tribute to a person. Shri Charan was a trainer of this centre and the Charan family has produced three saddlers from three generations – Kashi Charan, Shri Charan and Sajeev Charan. So when the race fell
through again, the Stewards could have easily exercised their powers to rename any of the day&’s races as Shri Charan Memorial Cup. Unfortunately, the younger generation of officials may have forgotten to advise the Stewards accordingly. Obviously, the sentiments and traditions were ignored. This seems to appear even worse that three races Dandified won this season had four, five and four runners. None
of these races, each worth over a million of rupees, was cancelled for paucity of entries!
2.15 p.m.: KNIGHT OF THE REALM 1, Smooth As Silk 2, Torch Of Life 3.
2.45 p.m.: ALTANZA 1, Significant 2, Iron Lady 3.
3.15 p.m.: EBONY PRINCESS 1, I Command 2, Passport 3.
3.45 p.m.: ALWAYS WELCOME 1, Words 2, Haynestown 3.
4.15 p.m.: WHAT A FEELING 1, Silver Silver 2, Highly Explosive 3.
4.45 p.m.: BLUE LIGHTNING 1, Chala Ja Bachha 2, Tintoretto 3. Day&’s best: Blue Lightning.