As the Indian Men&’s hockey team left for the Europe Tour on Friday, coach Roelant Oltmans said that the team needs to "keep the structure in place with roles specified" to beat France and Spain in the tournament.

“I always divide the game of hockey in two parts such as possession and non-possession and this depends on the skills as well as our cohesion on the field. So, we have to keep our structure in place with our roles specified and this will help us get the best out of our team," Oltmans said ahead of the departure.

Speaking on the structure of the team, he said, “All the 11 players have to defend and attack. Each and everyone has a role and they are aware of it.”

“Within possession, we have to ensure that it results in creating goal-scoring opportunities and even capitalising on them,” Oltmans said, adding, “In non-possession we have to work on how to defend well and how do we push the attack back and look at getting the possession back.”

The coach then said, “We have been working on our attack as well as defence and in the process inculcating in us the attitude to win."

India will play twice against France and thrice against Spain and in the process prepare for the FIH Hockey World League Final which is scheduled to be held in India later this year.

India will play its first match against France on August 3.

Speaking about the opponents, Captain Sardar Singh said, “France is playing brilliant and they will be a challenge for us, though we are confident of doing well against both the teams.”

The captain said that the team will make the most out of the 35 international games and they will play before the Rio Olympics.