statesman news service
New Delhi, 26 February
The  FIFA Inspection Team  today gave thumbs up  India’s preparations for the 2017 U-17 World Cup  saying  the country has the potential to not only host a tremendous World Cup  The  two-member team of Inaki Alvarez, Deputy Director and Head of Event Management Competitions Division, FIFA and . Vijay Parthasarathy, Manager IT Competitions, inspected the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the Thyagraj Stadium and the Ambedkar Stadium in the Capital  here this morning.
The visit was part of their inspection to various Stadia in the eight prospective Cities among which six are slated to host the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup.
They had previously visited Pune, Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore and Cochin with Guwahati and Kolkata being their final stoppages.
“We have been on the run for a week now. We have visited five Cities and so far it has been very positive,” Mr. Alvarez told media persons at  the end of inspections . “India has the potential to not only host a tremendous World Cup but also set a legacy for the sport in the Country and Youth Football as a whole,” he said.
About the key aspects which are keenly looked into during an inspection, Mr. Alvarez said:  “Infrastructure stays on the top of the list. We look into the Stadium, the dressing rooms, pitch, broadcasting facilities and so on. We also inspect the training sites with great detail.”
He however added  that no conclusions can be drawn right at this moment as it&’s a long process that may take ‘several months to a year.’
“It is not by today or tomorrow that I can draw a conclusion of my inspection. It&’s a long process.”