India’s Test captain Virat Kohli is a fitness enthusiast. The prolific batsman’s social media accounts are flooded with images which show him working out in the gym.

Even if one compares Virat’s current images with the ones taken a few years ago, the changes in his looks are eminently visible. It is a classic case of "flab to fab". But, interestingly Virat revealed that his outlook towards fitness changed in the year 2012 and he brought drastic changes in his lifestyle to focus on his fitness.

“There was a time after Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012 when I started concentrating on my fitness. I changed my lifestyle after this year,” he said at a Stepathlon event in Delhi on Tuesday.“I never listened to my body before 2012. But, I gradually realised that if I want to compete in the international cricket scene and want to sustain for a long time then getting fit is the key,” the 27-year-old said.

“I never wanted to be an average player and realised that to achieve high standards I need to make changes in my lifestyle,” he added.

Virat, who has been promoting fitness quite a lot these days said, "Even during my off days now, I don’t eat unhealthy food and that has helped me to be disciplined in life.”“I was never a quick fielder and was never comfortable fielding at any position. But now my mind is tuned to do anything,” he said, adding, “Being physically fit makes me feel light and believe that I can compete against anyone and face any bowler.”

Virat had come to educate and encourage the kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle and urged parents to concentrate and focus on their wards’ eating habits.“Let&’s create a healthy lifestyle and give your best in whatever field you choose in life,” Virat said.

Talking about his association with Stepathlon Kids and need for creating large awareness around children’s health in India, he said, "Children are the foundation of our country and their health and fitness will play a very important role in our country&’s progress."“Stepathlon Kids is a first of its kind initiative which is much needed in our country. I am sure it will replicate the success it has witnessed in the corporate space,” the cricketer added.

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