In the backdrop of Tottenham Hotspur’s reverberating 4-1 win over Liverpool in a Premier League match on Sunday, Son Heung-Min (aka Sonny) enjoyed his long-awaited season goal and thanked Harry Kane for an ‘incredible pass’.

“It’s been a long wait to score again in the Premier League,” Sonny said, according to club’s official website.

“First thing, when Hugo threw it, I thought Harry (H) was going to keep the ball. But he spun away and then it was a long way to sprint but H’s pass was incredible and it was easy for me to finish it. The pass was perfect. I just finished it well,” the 25-year-old Korean added.

Sonny last scored a Premier League goal in Hotspur’s 6-1 win at Leicester at the end of last season.

Calling it a ‘perfect afternoon’ Sonny thanked the record healthy crowd for cheering the boys at Wembley.

“I’m just really happy to win. It was a perfect afternoon, to win against Liverpool, a big team and with our support, the fans were amazing. I’m really proud of our fans, another record crowd (80,827), unbelievable. The fans are happy and it’s a great result for us,” he added.

Dele Alli (45 +3′), who also scored for Spurs, heaped praise on Sonny’s quality finish. “It was a great pass from Harry and they aren’t as easy as they look when they come across you like that, H put a little height on it as well so you have to be fully focused on making a connection and it was a great finish,” Alli said.

Besides this, it was Kane who netted a brace in Spurs’ emphatic win.