Seven-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer has said here matches should stop when it is too dark to have a Hawkeye.

Federer, 17-time Major champion, on Saturday denied reports that he does not support the technology, reports Xinhua.

"What I struggle with is I don’t think it’s 100 percent accurate. Let’s say 99 percent, fine. It’s still not 100 percent, in my opinion. I still see calls I don’t quite understand. But I still think it’s fine to have it. It’s even good to have it because you don’t want matches to be decided by one bad call or a missed call by someone," the Swiss said.

"What I don’t understand, on the other hand, is like if we have Hawk-eye, why do we keep playing in the nighttime when Hawkeye is not available anymore? That’s where I disagree with supervisors or tournaments, that they push it too far every single time," the 33-year-old Basel-born star added.

"We’ve seen it happen every single night in the last few days when I’ve been watching tennis. Hawkeye is not available, but the players keep playing."