Alisson deal: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp doesn’t care if people call him hypocrite

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (Photo: AFP)

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said he “doesn’t care” if people called him a hypocrite for splashing out a world-record £65million for Alisson. The German manager also claimed that he has changed his mind regarding his previous comments about record transfer fees paid by his rivals in the past.

Speaking to media at Bank of America Stadium during a press conference, Jurgen Klopp stressed that these latest moves are done simply to deliver success.

“That is the problem these days,” Klopp said, adding, “Whatever bulls — you say, nobody will forget it.


“On the other side, it is still kind of true. I couldn’t imagine the world would change like that two and a half years ago. £100m was a crazy number.”

“Since then the world has changed completely. I am sure at this moment we have signed the most-expensive goalkeeper. It is early in the transfer window. There will be some nice transfers to follow.”

“My responsibility is for this club to be as successful as possible. It is not for me to push through my thoughts and say we don’t want to buy players or pay big money and in the end Liverpool is not successful. That doesn’t work.”

“We have a really good squad. To improve it is expensive. Better players than we already have are not waiting around the corner.”

“You need to respect contracts but if you are interested in a player you have to try and bring them in. When we are convinced about it our owners, thank God, believe that much in the project, then they say let’s do it.”

Klopp further said that: “We don’t care what the world around us is thinking, like Man United didn’t care what I said. It is only an opinion in that moment.”

“Did I change my opinion? Yes. That is true. But it is better to change your opinion than never have one. That is it.”

“Whatever people say about that and bring it up again and again, I have had worse days in my life and worse things. I am fine with that. All good. We have the players we wanted. I am fine with that.”