The cardiologist said that Soumita had been suffering from "gram-negative septicemia" and that there had been recurring blood loss from different parts of her body.

"This is quite a critical condition and there are chances of infections. She is undergoing pulse therapy and we are hoping for the best. Now she requires high anti-biotic, RBC replacement and WBC replacement which is quite an expensive matter," he said.

The mother said that after spending an amount of around Rs six lakh for her daughter’s treatment, she ran short of money and pleaded for help, but regretted that the plea fell on deaf years.

"We have sold the only piece of land we had and my jewellery to meet the expenses. We have nothing left to support her medical bills but repeated requests to several people have fallen on deaf ears," she said.

Hailing from a humble family in Hooghly district’s Bashberia, with her father owing a jewellery shop, Soumita started gymnastics when she was only six.