Film: Jab Harry Met Sejal

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Evelyn Sharma, Paras Arora.

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Rating: ***

"What you seek, seeks you" and what you expect, awaits you when you fasten your seatbealts with Harry and Sejal on their journey!

How many times have you seen a womaniser falling in love with his complete opposite! Maine Pyaar Kia, DDLJ, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and others that probably will require more than two hands to count. But what makes JHMS's journey different is the fact that unlike other films this film takes you in the actual journey of the pair and the exact moments where Harry and Sejal can feel their love for each other.

"Harry (Shah Rukh) a Punjabi tourist guide in Europe is seen living a lonely life with meaningless relationships and always referring to 'Something is missing in life!'. Yes, there comes the happy go lucky Sejal (Anushka) in his life who is on a pre-wedding family vacation about to get married to her Mr. Perfect, and then there's of course the ring a central non-existing character which Sejal lost on her vacation and is determined to find it at any cost with Harry's aid!

Exotic locations and the right cast, but nothing remarkable to write home about.

Nonetheless, Harry and Sejal's journey is an enjoyable one not only because of the King of romance or the very talented Sejal but the narration of the story is quite beautiful and innovatively showcased. Everything about the story might make sense if one can relate to the film as one's own journey.

Shah Rukh and Anushka are just a treat to watch as their chemistry onscreen is something that might be now considered as one of the best onscreen pairs. Both the actors delivered impressive slangs and made it look more real with their walking-talking and traits of a Punjabi NRI and a Gujarati girl, which comes naturally to them. You just can't hate the pair in this one as they are at their best with romance blooming in the air for them.

The musical journey of Harry and Sejal with peppy songs like Beech Beech Mein and Phurr, and the soulful Safar creates some special moments between the two which help build the plot.

Imtiaz Ali is one of the finest directors the industry have seen lately and he made sure that his latest offers you some moments from the film that you can take along when you exit. Who would have thought two strangers who embarks on a journey across Europe to find the girl's wedding ring who is already engaged will eventually fall in love with each other! Probably everyone when the stranger is Shah Rukh Khan but the way their journey unfolds is interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Shah Rukh Khan proved again that why he is the king of romance and nobody can be better than him at his turf with Anushka giving equally impressive performance as the beautiful fun loving Sejal. The exotic locations like the Prague, Frankfurt, Budapest and Portugal has their own play in the movie as every location creates a moment of its own. SRK fans just can't miss this film as it's a treat for them to watch him in his yard after his action-thriller Raees which was released earlier this year.

Overall, the film is just not meant for the SRK club. Anyone game for a fun trip this weekend may join Harry and Sejal in their crazy and romantic journey.