NEW YORK, 16 JUNE: Planets with two suns – like Tatooine in the Star Wars movie series – may be more capable of supporting life than other planets, a new study has claimed.
Tatooine’s dual suns might actually help prevent damaging solar winds from bombarding planets in their system, allowing for a wider “Goldilocks zone” of habitability, Ms Joni Clark, an undergraduate at New Mexico State University, said.
She presented her research at the 222nd meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Indianapolis, reported.
“[The stars] calm each other down,” Ms Clark said, based on her new work that expands on earlier studies examining binaries.
“It’s like a really good marriage. They vent to each other, and they’re not focused on anything else. They slow each other down and that causes increased magnetic protection of the planets,” Ms Clark told the website. pti