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On-field victories cloud off-field scandals (Issue 2)

Statesman News Service |

With success at the right time, India’s remarkable performance in the Champions trophy, 2013, will undoubtedly divert the attention of the cricket-world away from spot-fixing to the exuberant displays of fresh blood, like Shikhar Dhawan, Ravindra Jadeja and so on.
The spot-fixing controversy in the IPL was a complete scandal for Indian cricket. Common people, all over the world, started to lose faith in cricketers, administrators and, most importantly, in Indian cricket. The game has become a religion in India. At this juncture, Dhoni and his men have emerged as a phoenix, and are blowing the opposition away.
Indian cricket administrators should utilise this time since they will be under less pressure when the team is doing well. They should eliminate corruption in Indian cricket from the grass-root level. No Indian cricket fan wants his country to be discussed in the light of issues such as spot-fixing; instead, they want to witness their team playing triumphant cricket. This will be a fitting reply to all the criticism that has dishonoured the nation because of a few culprits only.
Before this, in 2000 too, Indian cricket was stained with fixing allegations. But it freed itself from these and was eventually crowned with titles such as the ICC’s top-ranked test team, and that of world champions in one-day cricket. Moreover, the offenders from 2000 were duly punished and banned from playing cricket. We hope for a similar punishment this time around, and pray that our nation’s brilliant cricket will wash away all its stains.
sourav bhattacharya,
18 june, agarpara.
 Cricket betrayed
Cricket, which was once regarded as a gentleman&’s game, has been tainted time and again by match-fixing scandals. It is a shameful betrayal of trust that cricket fans all over the world have had in the game. The IPL was recently marred by fixing scandals. Corruption has penetrated the highest official levels and cricket administrators in India are involved in these scandals.
At such a turbulent juncture in Indian cricket, the cricket team&’s admirable performance in the Champions Trophy will take some attention away from the spot-fixing controversy. The people involved in this crime know that by taking advantage of the Indian public&’s short-term memory and fickle mindedness, they can sweep the skeletons under the carpet.
Indian cricket fans love the game so much that they support the Indian cricket team and the game of cricket no matter what transpires behind the scenes. A lot of people turned up to watch the IPL matches, despite the spot-fixing controversy.
But these scandals should not be forgotten since they are a gross injustice towards sincere cricketers and loyal fans. At the same time, let’s hope that the Indian cricket team wins the Champions Trophy in England. I wish them best of luck.
unmesh gunguly,
17 june, kolkata.
BCCI capitalises
As we know, the public has a short memory span, and with the winning performances of the Indian team within our country and abroad, it will take focus away from the corruption in Indian cricket.
In fact, nobody has the time or interest to keep himself updated with the progress made in unfolding Indian cricket’s corruption. Moreover, despite corruption having been rampant, the craze for cricket continues unabated and therefore, in my opinion, the controversies cannot overshadow the game in the long run.
This is the strategy of the BCCI, to divert the attention of cricket lovers away from the corruption plaguing the game.
saswato gupta,
17 june, kolkata.