It is almost certain that Obama will order an attack on Syria, irrespective of the veracity of claims regarding use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. The Obama administration is moving along a plan to establish control over West Asia&’s natural resources. ~ Seema Mustafa
US President Barack Obama is set to do a ‘Bush’ in West Asia. In what could be the first war based on little more than a YouTube video, Obama is preparing to invade Syria and destroy yet another sophisticated country in the region. He has decided not to wait for the report of a United Nations team investigating charges of use of chemicals against civilians by the Syrian government, maintaining that this would not be “credible”. So the US, past master in cooking up facts, is collecting its own ‘evidence’ to justify the decision to invade Syria.
This was almost inevitable, after it became clear that the US-led plan to infest Syria with the worst drug lords, criminals and Salafists to initiate a so-called ‘rebellion’ against the government had failed. And failed because these US-supported groups, fully armed and funded, had been joined by the al Qaida that was almost taking over the operation, and certainly the weapons that the US and its allies were pouring into the region. Worried now about the outcome, the US has only two options: to call off the funded wolves and allow the Syrians to make their own choice about their government; or to carry the proxy war to its logical conclusion and invade Syria as part of the larger plan to break Syria and West Asia itself into sectarian regions that can then be in perpetual strife with the aid of the US propaganda machinery and of course its notorious intelligence agencies.
Syria has denied allegations of the chemical attack strongly. There is no concrete evidence as yet except the mysterious video that has appeared on YouTube, showing people frothing at the mouth in what the rebels claim is a chemical attack by the Syrian military on its own population. This is not the first time President Bashar al Assad has been accused of this, but the clearly generated rumours at the time subsided in the absence of evidence, and certainly of a YouTube video. In fact, this proxy war is being fought at some levels on the internet, with the rebels constantly releasing videos on YouTube of alleged atrocities by the Syrian Army that have been stoutly denied by the Assad regime. But clearly the intention of those behind this propaganda is not to prove that any of what they allege happened, but to just let it lie there for the common people of the world, and particularly the West to digest, and become at least passive if not active supporters of military action against Assad.
It is apparent to even the casual West Asia watcher that the Obama administration is moving along an accepted and adopted plan to ‘cleanse’ West Asia of all resistance, that will allow it to control the region’s natural resources and also enable Israel to spread its wings in the region without fear of opposition. This is the strategic plan, to put it very simply, and Washington, regardless of the President in power, has been going about it meticulously. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and now increasingly so Egypt have all been identified, as Bush himself admitted in his axis-of-evil targeting, as possible contenders to Israel&’s expansion plans and US desire to establish full control over the region that has only recently, in terms of the span of history, earned its freedom from British and French occupation.
It seems almost certain that Obama will order the military attack on Syria. Apart from the long term goals mentioned above, the US President has left himself with no choice but to carry things forward, more so as his plan for achieving a regime change through the devious and ruthless use of rebels has failed. The educated and highly civilised Syrians have seen through the game plan, and while many are opposed to Assad and his government, they have decided to stay together to prevent the direct or indirect entry of the US and its allies into their country. This includes Alawites, Shias and Sunnis, with the Syrians refusing to succumb to all-out efforts to divide them along sectarian lines. This is the primary reason why Assad and his military have been able to face the rebels and their powerful backers, and instead of being defeated are emerging victorious from this trial. President Obama cannot afford that to happen, as a defeat here will make him lose face at home and internationally. Besides, in his considered view, the collapse of Syria will also have a direct impact on two major opponents of Washington and Tel Aviv, namely Iran and the Hezbollah, which remains a strong factor in not just Lebanon but in West Asia.
The US is becoming a distinctly less influential player in West Asia, despite its ‘shock and awe’ tactics to retain its hold. Iraq has been destroyed by the US military attack, with terrorism that was not known to the people now part of the daily fare, but Washington does not really care as it now has its boots firmly planted – or so it hopes – in the country where it was not allowed a peek in before. The same is the case in Libya now, after the heinous military attack that has left a weak and puppet government in place, along with warring factions and misery but has turned over the country&’s rich resources to the US and its allies. Oil rich West Asian countries like Saudi Arabia had long ago decided to follow the US diktat in the region, so that the royal family can stay in power without fear of its increasingly disaffected populace.
Of course, the war on Syria will be ‘illegal’, violating all international norms of justice and jurisprudence. But then the US does not bother about all these formalities and can use its web of lies to create illusions justifying military intervention as it did in Iraq. It does not care about the results and the fact that weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq despite the huge propaganda that flooded the world. A proud civilisation was destroyed in the process. Similarly, it will not be able to find a shred of evidence that the Assad regime actually used chemical weapons against its people, but will happily create a myth that it hopes to feed to the unsuspecting and largely ignorant people of the world.
However, Russia and China are backing Syria and have made this clear to the US in no uncertain terms. Iran too has threatened military action if Syria is attacked. But there is no indication that President Obama is listening, as he seems bent on throwing the Middle East into total and perpetual chaos. India, of course, remains silent, having outsourced its strategic thinking (if one can call it that) to Washington a long time ago.

The writer is Consulting Editor, The Statesman