An  election  rigged  to  the  core
SIR, This is with reference to your lead story,  “Parivartan  crushes red fort” (30 July). It begs the question ~ Was it a free and fair election? From the filing of nominations to the voting, the election was rigged to the core.
 The violence, unleashed by the ruling party, was unprecedented. This reflects the overwhelming  misgovernance.  In South Bengal it was a one-sided affair because of widespread intimidation and rigging.
It is significant that there has been no rerun of the 2011 Assembly election results in Nadia and Jalpaiguri. I wonder if the Trinamul government will be able rig the Lok Sabha elections under the charge of the Election Commission of India.
Even the politicised police will be kept  at a distance from the booths. An election marred by violence, intimidation and fear cannot yield the actual result.
 The sense of insecurity was acute in South Bengal; otherwise, the Opposition would have fared better.
Yours, etc., Aranya Sanyal,
Siliguri, 30 July.
SIR, The result of the panchayat election doesn’t reflect the verdict of the voter. The electorate was intimidated and terrorised by the goons of the Trinamul Congress. It is, therefore, a distorted verdict. Not that a free and fair election would have ensured the victory of the CPI-M, but it would have reflected the mood of the electorate. The party failed to purge the corrupt and deviant . In the net, the dedicated, honest, committed and ideologically-trained members were sidelined.
Yours, etc., Anil Kumar Choudhury,
Kalyani, 30 July.
SIR, This refers to the report, “State-sponsored rigging in elections, says Karat” (27 July). The CPI-M general secretary&’s gloomy prediction of the panchayat election results can be attributed to the state-sponsored rigging by the Trinamul Congress. Mr Karat fears that the CPI-M will fare poorly in next year&’s Lok Sabha election as well. This may well turn out to be true if the Central Election Commission fails to rein in the foul-mouthed chief minister and her cabinet colleagues. There is no denying that the people are disillusioned with the Trinamul government and its authoritarian Chief Minister.
During the panchayat elections, Trinamul unleashed a fresh wave of terror with murderous attacks on the Opposition. In a large number of seats, it did not allow the Opposition parties to file their nomination papers. In many areas, candidates were forced to withdraw under the threat of dire consequences. The central forces  were apparently on stand-by duty. The panchayat election was a farce. Only a free and fair election can reflect the people&’s verdict.
Yours, etc., SS Paul,
Nadia, 27 July.
SIR, The Statesman has been a family paper since the Forties. Its new get-up is welcome. There has been no deviation from its core values. Its editorials are ever so fearless. It does not provide space for such frivolous features as  horoscopes, soft pornography, idle gossip et al.
 Its articles are generally penned by people who are learned. I take this opportunity to congratulate The Statesman for its high quality and integrity. It is read by the right-minded people. I hope it remains a great newspaper for a long time to come.
Yours, etc., Jyoti Prokas Sil,
Kolkata, 24 July.