Distance no longer lends enchantment to the view!
SIR, ~ One wonders from a distance how India  lives these days! The political class of all hues, as usual, calls the shots. Power, pelf  and the people constitute the staple diet. The  BJP secretary, even at 85,  projected  a larger-than-life image by not naming a person with proven track record as the  campaign chief for the next general election in 2014. Mr LK Advani hankers after power and is not prepared to  sacrifice even an inch of space to the younger  leadership. The division within the party is of  lesser moment than nurturing one&’s own ego.  And this game of running down the people is supposedly in the name of the people.
The present ruling alliance at the Centre is guilty of  corruption, misgovernance, and policy paralysis. The government is doddering. India is the finest example of corruption. Then  comes the ruling dispensation in West Bengal; it is engaged in murky politics within two years of coming to power.
The incredible fiascoes and foibles of the CPI-M led to the growth of the Trinamul Congress, which had pledged to usher in paribartan (change). The game-changers are now at loggerheads with each other. Given the intra-party and inter-party bickering in West Bengal, it seems that the political class can kick up a row with scant regard to performance.
There are several regional parties across the country. Their perspectives are limited to their states. Bereft of firm principles, these outfits survive through the shuffling of numbers by the bigger and mainstream parties. The common objective of all the sham parties  is the people and their vote.
Things are in such a mess at this juncture that the people are at the crossroads and are confused about their electoral choice. Distance no longer lends enchantment to the view!
yours, etc., asit  baran  ray, perth, 12 june.
A resignation too many
SIR, ~ The RSS has played the middleman in the tussle for power between Bhishma Pitamah LK Advani and Duryodhan Narendra Modi.   This is the fourth time that Mr Advani has resigned from party posts. He puts in his papers to express dissent. He withdrew his resignation after his  supreme ambition was shattered with the anointment of Narendra Modi as the party&’s election campaign manager. And the BJP president, Rajnath Singh, has  promised to properly address his “concerns”.
At his age, Mr Advani was expected to stick to his guns. By first resigning and then withdrawing the letter, he has dented the image of the BJP. He definitely has let down those who are committed to vote for the saffronite party.  They will have second thoughts before voting for a party that is plagued by infighting.
yours, etc., bidyut kumar chatterjee, faridabad, 12 june.
New CAG&’s brief
SIR, ~ Your editorial, “CAG not a lap-dog” (22 May) on the appointment of Shashi Kant Sharma as the new CAG appears to have hurt the feelings of Mr AKM Hasan, who was the  Director-General of the Administrative Training Institute in Ranchi when Mr Sharma was a probationer in the late Seventies. As much is clear from his letter. Mr Hasan&’s memories are so strong that he is unable to accept that your editorial is quite justified and timely. It is based on the Supreme Court guidelines that have been flouted in the appointment of the most important officer under the Constitution.
As CAG, Mr Sharma will be in a position to review his own performance as Director-General (Acquisition) in the Defence ministry and subsequently as the Defence Secretary. His predecessor was probing  charges of corruption and defalcation of public money running into thousands of crores during Mr Sharma&’s tenure in the Defence ministry. His appointment as CAG is aimed at washing out the corruption charges against the present  government at the Centre. This has been overlooked by Mr Hasan. This editorial reflects the traditionally independent and fearless journalism of The Statesman. And it is this quality that makes the paper superior to its contemporaries.
yours, etc., kanailal bhowmick, 1 june, kolkata.
Stagnant river
SIR, ~ Hats off to The Statesman for having highlighted the need to dredge the Saraswati river ~ “Saraswati runs dry despite HC order for revival” (14 May). Since 1995, I have been associated with various development projects in and around Kona, Chamrail and its adjoining areas of Howrah district. A Saraswati Nadi Bachao Committee had been formed. There was no progress as the local administration did not cooperate. The Planning and Irrigation departments of the state government could not retrieve the map that would have indicated the course of the Saraswati river.
The latest initiative to revive the project is welcome. Only a sustained effort can ensure the proper implementation of the project and increase the free-flow of the river .
yours, etc., baniprasanna datta, kolkata, 17 may.