Misery of the Congress is the mystery
SIR, Rajinder Puri&’s article, “The great Congress mystery” (30 September)  has revealed  information about Sonia Gandhi (born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino) that is of serious concern for the country. He has written that she has been accused by international sources of having received illegal funds from abroad. She has also been accused by these sources of having opened a secret foreign bank account. She has never bothered to refute the charges. Given her high school qualification, she has not displayed any remarkable expertise in economic, foreign or political matters. How can the chairperson of the UPA steer the country with such a tainted background? Her son, probably the crown prince, often behaves like an irresponsible,  immature and diffident person because he is ignorant of the country&’s history. Mr Puri has alleged that there are serious and credible allegations against Rahul ~ he was once detained in the USA and subsequently released through the intervention of the Government of India.
The core group of the Congress consists of sycophants who often benefit as cheerleaders of mother and son, and at the cost of national security, integrity and sovereignty. If  the facts disclosed by Mr Puri are correct, the CBI should start an investigation, to be monitored by the Supreme Court. After all, every person is equal before the law, as per the provisions of the Constitution. The Congress is rudderless and in a state of complete disarray. There is no other mystery about Indian politics apart from the misery of the Congress.
Yours, etc., Samares
Kolkata, 6 October.
SIR, The CBI has been dragging its feet in the matter of filing a charge-sheet against Dayanidhi Maran, the former Communications minister,  for having coerced the original owner of Aircel, the mobile service provider, to sell his majority stake to the Malaysia-based Maxis, owned by Anand Krishnan.
The CBI&’s plea is that the Malaysian authorities are not cooperating. The charge of accepting a bribe of Rs 500 crore is well-documented. Now the pension of CK Mathivana, a former engineer of BSNL, who disclosed the surreptitious installation of 323 ISDN lines at the Chennai residence of Maran for onward connection to the Sun TV studio, owned by Kalanidhi Maran, has been stopped. The exchequer had lost hundreds of crores in the process. And yet there has been no thundering by Rahul  Gandhi.
Yours, etc., NK Das Gupta,
Kolkata, 5 October.
SIR, Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Samajwadi Party chief, is reportedly trying to forge a Third Front before the Lok Sabha elections. Indian politics is becoming increasingly chaotic, and such a front needs to be formed without delay.
The voters are fed up with both the Congress and the BJP. They want a credible alternative like the Third  Front  if  it  can  turn out to be a cohesive unit of non-Congress, non-BJP “secular” parties.
The main hurdle that could threaten the very existence of such a conglomerate is the issue of the prime ministerial candidate. The  parties concerned should arrive at a consensus before throwing their collective hat into  the electoral ring.
Yours, etc., Jorhat Singh,
Mumbai, 6 October.
SIR, This is with reference to Seema Mustafa&’s article, “Contours of Communalism” (11 September). It is regrettable that some journalists are looking for the hidden hand of the BJP in every communal flare-up. By not portraying the truth, the writer  is doing grave injustice.
The Muzaffarnagar conflagration took place because of the blatantly condescending attitude of the state government towards miscreants of a particular community. Such an attitude is bound to create insecurity in the minds of the other communities.
Religion should not have been a factor in apprehending the culprits. The government kept mum because they were Muslims. Hence the riots. Ms Mustafa is requested not to look for ghosts where there are none; she should be honest enough to call a spade a spade.
Yours, etc., RK Agrawal,
Kolkata,  30 September.
SIR, Mamata Banerjee&’s actions are reminiscent of the 14th century emperor, Mohammad bin Tughlaq, who in a flight of whimsy had shifted the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad. West Bengal&’s administrative headquarters has now been shifted from a heritage building  to a swanky highrise overlooking the Ganga.  The approximate cost of  this relocation has been estimated at Rs 300 crore, a figure that will escalate with time. The shifting has been initiated when the state&’s economy is bankrupt. Funds are yet to be allocated for the repair of Kolkata&’s potholed roads, let alone the expressways.
There is, however, an aesthetic side. From her well-decorated office on the 14th floor, the Chief Minister will, unlike ordinary mortals, have a panoramic view of the river. She may well feel inspired to paint and draw sketches. The sale proceeds of the  paintings might fetch a few hundred crores, if the right customers are tapped, a la Sudipta Sen of Saradha notoriety.
Yours, etc., Anil Kumar Choudhury, Kalyani, 6 October.