‘The  law  is  above  you’
SIR, The special CBI court has handed down a historic verdict by convicting Lalu Prasad in the multi-crore rupee fodder scam. The verdict can be regarded as a  cleansing  operation  to  rein in  corrupt politicians who have no right to represent the people.
Such judicial pronouncements will help bar the tainted from  entering  Parliament  and state  assemblies,  there  to frame farcical laws to serve their self-interest and to the neglect of the people who elected them.
 The verdict is bound to unnerve the corrupt who have managed to enter the portals of legislatures. Hopefully, it will break the nexus between the political class and criminals. The trial of those allegedly involved in such scams as 2G spectrum, Coalgate or  disproportionate assets needs to be expedited.
The accused must be convicted, if found guilty. No elected representative is above the law;  they are accountable to the people of the country. Justice delayed is justice denied!
Yours, etc., Samares
Kolkata, 1 October.
SIR, I entirely agree with Mr Somnath Roy (Letters, 30 September). Indeed, the  Supreme Court&’s ruling that Aadhaar (UIDAI) is not mandatory has come as a great relief. I belong to his age-group and am grateful to the apex judiciary and Mr Puttaswami, the retired Karnataka High Court judge, who filed the PIL.
I am also grateful to Ms  Usha Ramanathan and your esteemed daily for covering various aspects of this intrusive scheme, such as the agencies involved, privacy of the individual, data security, the legal standing of the project etc. on which the nation has been spending crores of rupees. The decrepit infrastructure had aggravated the woes of those who had applied for their Aadhaar cards. There was little or no evidence of any concern for the elderly who constitute a large segment of the population. Hopefully, those overseeing the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme (DBT) will not insist on the Aadhaar number.
Yours, etc., Dilip Mukherjee,
Siliguri, 30 September.
SIR, Rahul Gandhi&’s dramatic  appearance at the Press Club of India and his description of the Ordinance to protect corrupt legislators as “complete nonsense and should be torn up and thrown away” has stunned   Congress leaders. The Prime Minister, who had crafted the Ordinance, was in the USA and on the eve of his meeting with President Obama. Rahul&’s intemperate outburst undermined the Prime Minister&’s authority.
Critics of the PM, including his former media adviser, Sanjaya Baru, shrilled for his resignation ~ “Enough is enough. How long  will he take this nonsense? The PM should cancel all engagements, return home and call for snap poll.”  The fact is that for the past nine years, Mr Manmohan Singh has been serving the Gandhi family with sincerity and loyalty. He has even favoured Rahul Gandhi as the next PM, saying that he would be glad to serve under him. In 1985, Rajiv Gandhi  as PM had referred to the Planning Commission as “a bunch of jokers.” Mr Singh was then the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission. He swallowed the barb and continued to serve the Gandhi family. Eventually he was rewarded with the PM&’s post.
He is not brave enough to face the electorate; his declaration states that he is a resident of Assam, a thoroughly misleading claim. The country has not seen such a corrupt government, headed by a weak and  submissive PM. His personal integrity means little as he has not been effective against corruption.
Yours, etc., BP Saha,
Kolkata, 1 October.
SIR, In a historic ruling, the Supreme Court has observed that voters have the right to reject all candidates and that the EVM must have a button to register such rejection if none is found suitable. This is a classic instance of strengthening the country’s democratic foundations.
 Implicitly, the contesting parties have been asked to nominate candidates who are known for their integrity and fairness. The Election Commission will now have to provide an option for negative voting in the EVMs and ballot papers.
Yours, etc., Arun Kumar Bhaduri, Kolkata, 28 September.