Nitish has been politically tactless
SIR, ~ It is shocking and disturbing to note that the JD (U) leader and Bihar&’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, has snapped ties with the Bharatiya Janata Party. This has virtually cracked up the NDA. In the long run, this will cause more harm than good to the country. Obviously it will prove to be a boon for the Congress as it will be able to cover up its misrule, scams and sandals.
There is no logic, wisdom and intelligence behind Nitish&’s decision. He appears to have fallen for the Congress bait. Significantly, P Chidambaram was recently photographed with Nitish inside a car, fitted with a beacon. Narendra Modi&’s recent elevation is an internal matter of the BJP. The NDA, as an entity, has nothing to do with it. The Gujarat Chief Minister has turned out to be a major polarising force. Are the leaders of other parties within the NDA feeling jealous? They seem to have been unnerved at the prospect of facing up to Mr Modi in the electoral stakes.
It is unfortunate that the Congress is in power ahead of the elections. The political scenario is marked by ballooning inflation, rampant corruption, and serial scams. The NDA would have been a viable alternative to the Congress. By weakening the entity, Nitish is very unlikely to gain much if he has decided to go it alone. He ought to realise that were it not for the alliance with the BJP, he would not have been no successful in Bihar. He has been tactless when the country needs to be united against the failures of the Congress, specifically on such issues as corruption, inflation, scams and scandals. History will not pardon Nitish, Modi  has proved to be a very successful administrator and has not done any harm to the nation. Nor for that matter is he  harmful.
yours, etc., s p sharma, mumbai, 17 june.
Shakespeare&’s ‘Dark Lady’
SIR, ~ Shakespeare&’s Sonnets have been dubbed the Mona Lisas of literature, replete with enigmas and mysteries. One of the most rivetting of them all is the  identity of the “Dark Lady”, Shakespeare&’s cruel and double-dealing mistress who is the focus of about 30 of the 154 Sonnets.
The “Dark Lady” is quite a woman, whoever she may be. Shakespeare has a torrid time with her, a merry go-round of sexual thrills and spills. Next, she merrily drops Shakespeare for the more youthful attractions of the patron friend, Mr WH. Finally she fades out of the sonnets after having seduced both the poet and his patron, taking both for a ride and creating one of the most discussed eternal triangles in literature.
Shakespeare is, by turns, disconsolate, jealous, rageful and despairing . A helpless victim of sexual passion, he turns ferociously anti-Romantic, misogynistic and vividly abusive. In Sonnet 147 he hurls all his pent-up passion at her. “For I have sworn Thee fair and thought thee bright/Who art as black as hell, and dark as night.”
No wonder Shakespeare calls this femme fatal his “Dark Lady”. This triple pun has effectively concealed her identity.. She is “Dark” because (i) she has dark hair, dark eyes and perhaps a dusky complexion; (ii) she is morally evil, darkly scheming, hellish in her ways; and (iii) she is darkly mysterious a woman of the night who comes into Shakespeare&’s life and poetry as mysteriously as she exits from them, leaving all of us baffled.
yours, etc., narayan chandra ghosh, madanpur, 18 june.
Know Your Customer
SIR, ~ It is obligatory for any bank customer to submit the KYC form. This is tantamount to harassment. Is there any method to ascertain out whether the customer is writing the truth? Actually there are many laws but it is the process of  implementation that is terribly poor. This explains the circulation of black money within the country. The government is  weak and the administration totally confused. It appears  that the law doesn’t apply to a certain section. Offenders are brought to book and can then to walk out of prison because of the slackness of the authorities. The nation&’s capital has to contend with dubious activities, courtesy the Delhi police and administration. It is almost as if India is sailing through a turbulent sea in a rudderless ship and without a competent captain. The aam aadmi has been suffering for ages. And the people are expected to chant ~  “Let us hope for the best and be prepared for the worst to come.”
yours, etc., ajit kumar ray, kolkata, 21 april.