Moily&’s illogical suggestion
SIR, It is unfortunate that the prices of petrol and diesel have again been increased. Still more illogical is minister Veerappa Moily&’s suggestion to enforce a night closure of petrol stations from 8 pm to 8 am. This is unlikely to reduce the consumption of fuel. There is bound to be a rush at petrol stations in the 12 hours that they are kept open. The fact of the matter is that inflation is totally out of control. Sensex, which supposedly registers the pulse of the national economy, is plummeting at an alarming rate as is the value of the rupee. The government is as bankrupt as it is corrupt. It finds it convenient to raise the price of fuel to cover up its failures and misrule. Aam aadmi has been further impoverished by the high cost of living and the tax regime. There is little or no money left for development.
India should compare its position with that of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan or Nepal. Fuel rates in these countries are not as high as in India.
Yours, etc., SP Sharma,
Mumbai, 3 September.
SIR, As D-Day for the Lok Sabha polls approaches, the sparring match between the Congress and the BJP becomes increasingly acrimonious. The more the saffron party drags UPA-II over the coal-fire, the Raj Bhavan at Gandhinagar becomes more active. In order to leave no stone unturned, the Congress is garnering fresh ammunition in the form of some old and broken CDs and paper missiles from the armoury of an IPS officer. It is the ballot that will decide the ultimate winner of this war  of attrition.
Yours, etc., Arun Malankar,  Mumbai, 4 September.
SIR, This is with reference to your top-quality editorial, “Of  politics and development” (2 September). There is no denying that the Union government  views the North-East with a jaundiced eye. In its reckoning, there is nothing in the region except the culture of violence which is embedded in two factors ~ the Centre&’s neglect and lack of development.
    The increasing rate of unemployment is largely responsible for terrorism and the rampant extortion.
      Instead of creating the right infrastructure, the Union government is simply bribing the militant groups to keep them in good humour. This approach cannot bring about enduring peace.
    The predicament of the seven sisters will change considerably if the Centre does not discriminate between the North-East states and the rest in matters of development.
Yours, etc., Aranya Sanyal, Siliguri, 3 September.
SIR, I wish to congratulate Yashmin Alibhai Brown for the article, “The UK-US special relationship is over” (3 September) for presenting very honest, forthright and yet balanced views. I suppose most people in the world would be very surprised and shocked to hear Bush-speak from the mouth of Mr Obama. The British parliament&’s path-breaking decision would go a long way in showing the world that formulation of democratic foreign policy is possible. I hope the British PM or Deputy PM will not cajole the MPs to toe the government&’s line by calling for a second or a third vote.
I also thank you for your insightful editorial, “Mr Cameron loses” (1 September).
Yours, etc., Rakhahari Chatterji,
Kolkata, 3 September.