Will Thai ex-PM Abhisit&’s words come back to  haunt him?
The words of statesmen and other important figures are often recorded in history and offer lessons for posterity. Thailand is no exception. According  to  a  Thai  saying, “You are the master of your  own  words  until  they have   been   spoken.   Then  those words become your master.”
This is particularly true in politics, chiefly due to the fact that many politicians tend not to keep their word, leading to a loss of credibility.
The heated political climate has only made the scrutiny of politicians’ words, from both sides of the political divide, more intense – and the consequences of one&’s words can be immediate.
Comments made by opposition and Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva on stage at a political rally  are  the  latest  to  be  subject to such scrutiny, becoming tantamount to a new toy for political  debate  and  discussion.
 Many observers were puzzled by Abhisit&’s utterance of “stupid woman” on the rally stage – the comment was construed as a reference to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra – and wonder how damaging it will  be  to  his  party&’s  popularity.
Perhaps it&’s time for Abhisit to change his stance, and this includes his party MPs who have embarked on the same path. the nation