A Special Committee which was appointed by the British Medical Association to inquire into the influence of school books upon eyesight has issued a useful report in which the whole subject is carefully considered. Among other recommendations the Committee urges that the size of the type should conform to the age of the child – the smaller the child the larger the type; that the ink should be black, and that the paper should be white, or nearly white, hard, opaque, and without gloss.  The glossy art paper which is used for the sake of illustrations is not suitable for reading. The Committee draws attention to the fact, which was noticed years ago in a report on the education of European children in India, that the Bibles, prayer-books and hymn-books used in schools are often the worst printed of all, the paper being thin, the type small and the page unduly crowded.


"Mr. Preedy And The Countess"
This amusing farce will be played for the last time at the Empire Theatre tonight. The company has improved wonderfully since the first performance on Saturday last, and now the piece goes with a swing from beginning to end. Unfortunately, the weather has interferred with the attendance each night the farce has been played, and a good house in necessary tonight if the local charities, in aid of which the piece is being given, are to benefit.
As played last night "Mr. Preedy and the Countess" is well worth seeing. Mrs. Eyre and Mr. F.N. Whitelay in the name parts were excellent; Mr. Thompson was really good as the Earl of Rushmere, and Mr. Reginald Eyre gave a capital interpretation of the part of the unstable and alcoholic Robert Jennerway. Mr. Maxwell has trained his company well and is to be congratulated on the excellent performance they give.

The Manicktollah Police on Wednesday evening arrested a Kabuli named Gulam Mahomed Hussain and two others for voluntarily causing hurt to the twelve-year-old son of a Bengali resident of Gouripur Road, named K.B. Ghose. The facts as reported by the police show that the Kabulis called at the residence of the complainant on the evening in question to receive certain payments, and when they were informed by the female inmates of the house that Ghose was not at home, they disbelieved the statement and, assuming a threatening attitude demanded his immediate surrender. This led to an altercation, with the result that the boy was somewhat seriously assaulted. The police arrived on the scene and took the offending Kabulis into custody.

A Training School At Comilla
It is notified that Government has sanctioned, as an experimental measure, the establishment of a school of land surveying, from October next, some four miles from Comilla, which will take the place of the first year’s land surveying course at the Dacca School of Engineering. Full particulars may be obtained from Mr. Thomas Shaw, Personal Assistant to the Director of Surveys, Bengal and Assam, 87, Park Street, Calcutta.
The names of students already registered for the next first year’s course at the Dacca School will be transferred to the entry rolls of the new school.
The object of the school is to turn out practical land surveyors suitable for zamindari and similar work in Bengal. Details of the training that will be given will be forwarded to any employers who care to ask for them, and, so far as is practicable, special training will be arranged for, for surveyors already in their employ.