Inauguration Ceremony
(From Our Correspondent)
Dacca, Aug 8

The inauguration of the Dacca Museum took place last evening. Lord and Lady Carmichael, Sir William Duke, and other members of the Council attended, and there was a large assembly of ladies and gentlemen. The President (the Hon. Mr. Beatson Bell) opened the proceedings by a short speech in which he mentioned, among others, the gift of Rs 1,000 by Raja Srinath Roy towards a reference library of the institution. Mr. Stapleton, Inspector of Schools, and Tasaddaq Ahmed, of the Dacca Madrassa then read an interesting paper on "Gazi Shaheb, the patron saint of boatmen and first invader of Sylhet," in the course of which announcement was made of the discovery of an inscription during 1512 A.D., which proved the first conquest of Sylhet in 1303 A.D., by Sikandar Khan Gazi. H.E. then thanked the writers.

Arrest Of An Alleged Absconder
(From Our Correspondent)
Darjeeling, Aug 8

Yesterday the cashier of the Municipality, who was known as Dhirendra Nath Sen, and had risen by good service during the past eight years to the present position, was arrested and taken to Dibrugarh to answer a charge of having, as store-keeper of the Planters’ Association, Assam, embezzled Rs 22,000 in 1902, where he was known as Deb Chand Dass, Assamese. It appears that a few days back a servant accompanying a touring party from Assam recognised Dass, who, being challenged is alleged to have said he was a native Christian named D. John. As this did not dovetail with his profession of Hinduism, he was shadowed until a sub-inspector from Dibrugarh arrived and arrested the man.