At Monday’s meeting of the Bombay Corporation the interesting fact was elicited that there are no native workmen upon the Western side of India who are capable of supervising the laying of the cast-iron pipes for the new water-main from the Corporation lakes. With a view to remedying this defect Mr. Cadell, the Municipal Commissioner, proposed to import three foreman pipelayers from England. To this suggestion, however, Sir Pherozeshah Mehta offered characteristic opposition, remarking that it was "difficult to imagine" that there were no workmen in this country who were capable of doing such work. The Municipal Commissioner, replying to Sir P. Mehta, did not go so far as to deny this, but he declined to take any risks, and Mr. Cowasji Jehangir declared that at the Tata Steel works an attempt had been made to dispense with European labour, but the attempt had failed, and it had been found necessary to revert to the employment of Europeans. Sir P. Mehta apparently found himself in a minority of one, for the Municipal Commissioner’s proposal was adopted without a division.


(From Our Correspondent)
Khulna, June 18
The case against Babu Chinta Haran Ghosh, sub-inspector of Police; Sarat Chandra Chakerbartty, constable; Seifuddin, town constable; Gagan Chandra Biswas, Kadereswar Biswas, and Sitanath Biswas, for beating Chandra Kanta Biswas for the purpose of, it is alleged, extorting a confession out of him and which has already been transferred from Bagerhat to Khulna, was taken up today before Khan Bahadur Amin-ul-Islam, Deputy Magistrate, first class, for hearing. The complainant was examined in chief, and after the examination and cross-examinations of Babu Joges Chandra Chowdhury, Sub-divisional Magistrate of Bagerhat, and the Assistant Surgeon of Perozpur, the case was adjourned till tomorrow for further hearing.
19 June, 1913