It must be fairly obvious to the most casual observer that the rather puerile feeling of jealousy manifested by some people in Bombay towards Calcutta has not been diminished by the events of the past eighteen months. An attempt has recently been made, through the correspondence columns of a Bombay paper, to depreciate the European Defence Association on the ground that it is "a Calcutta-run thing," on the Council of which Bombay has not a fair representation. It is doubtless true that the reconstituted Defence Association has still to win its spurs as a champion of the interests which it has taken under its protection, but the contention that Bombay ought not to support it simply because its headquarters and governing body are in Calcutta is surely carrying parochialism to extremes.  The Association is never likely to be called upon to deal with any question on which the interests of Bombay Europeans clash with those of Calcutta Europeans, and, as its headquarters must be somewhere, Calcutta may quite well be tolerated in that capacity until a better centre is discovered.

News Items

Rewards For The Law-Abiding
(From Our Correspondent)
Lahore, Aug 7

In his speech at the Durbar held at Rawalpindi, His Honour Sir Michael O’Dwyer strongly deprecated the constant tension between different communities which is a source of friction among the people and anxiety to administrators. His Honour earnestly appealed to influential men in each community, and to the press, to use every endeavour against the movement towards grouping various religious communities in separate camps.
Regarding the increase in violent crime, His Honour deplored the existence in the affected districts of a large class of people who, owing to internal feuds and factions, natural lawlessness, or mistaken self-interest, were either hostile to criminal administration and screened criminals, or were too timid or apathetic to render active assistance. His Honour announced the allotment of twenty thousand acres of land for distribution to those who have given active help in the repression of crime or had been victims of revenge for their manly action. His Honour in conclusion said: "If the present law is unable to secure protection of life and property, I shall have no hesitation in proposing drastic changes."

(From Our Correspondent)
Simla, Aug 7

H. H. the Maharaja Scindia of Gwalior is giving special attention to the valuable archeological relics and treasures in his State, and is taking steps to create an Archeological Department at Gwalior for which he has sought the advice and co-operation of the Director-General of Archeology in India. Gratifying results have been obtained, from excavations at Beshnagar the ancient Vidisa, where a pillar was discovered a few years ago, bearing an inscription which records that it was set up by the ambassador of Antialkidas the Greek King of the Punjab, who ruled in the middle of the 2nd Century B.C. Near the pillar are the remnants of a stone railing, which is the only specimen of its kind belonging to a Hindu monument.

A Mistri Murdered
The Government Railway Police at Howrah are enquiring into the murder of a mistri of the East Indian Railway at the Works Department quarters of the Howrah station-yard on Wednesday night. The deceased, an upcountry Hindu named Ajodhya, went to bed in his quarters at about 7 pm. Nothing was heard of him until the following morning when he was discovered lying dead in a pool of blood in his bed, with a gaping wound on the neck, apparently inflicted by a sharp cutting instrument. The murderer has not yet been traced.