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100 years ago

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Settlement Between The Parties
(From Our Correspondent)
Bombay, Aug 4

The case against Mr. Ormiston Chant came on for hearing again this afternoon before Mr. Wales, District Magistrate, Thana. Mr. Soares for the complainant at the outset said that the parties had come to a satisfactory settlement. Mr. Vicaji, for the accused, in applying that permission be granted to compromise, explained that Mr. Chant did not admit that the injury to Pascal was caused by a negligent act of his as alleged by the prosecution. He let off his pistol in protection of himself and the other occupants of the car against the wild pariah dogs. He had some difficulty from those dogs, and the car narrowly escaped being pitched into a ditch. His Honour sanctioned the compounding of the case.

Number Of Lives Lost
London, Aug 4

Continued fine weather has resulted in a phenomenal number of arrivals at the holiday resorts. The police in many instances have been obliged to find accommodation for visitors. Numbers of holiday makers have slept out on the sands. The list of "holiday" accidents is growing hourly. Twenty people already are reported drowned, including five girls drowned at Sligo. A motor bus overturned at Hoddesdon (Herts) and three were killed.

Attempt To Blow Up A Bridge
Shanghai, Aug 4

A brief exchange of shots has taken place with Woosung forts, similar to the previous bombardment, the intention obviously being to make a demonstration with a view to stimulating the progress of negotiations for surrender.
The Northern Admirals are undertaking a sweeping movement, with the object of driving all the rebel bands into Woosung.