Under-trial prisoners are not supposed to be put to work in jail, but this rule was broken at the one of the prisons in the Central Provinces last year, with the result that an under-trial prisoner killed another with an instrument of which he had no right to be in possession. A Resolution just issued refers to the record of an unusual number of serious assaults in Central Provinces jails last year. Another feature of the report is the record of the steady increase in the number of European soldiers admitted to the jails. In 1909 no soldiers were admitted; in 1910 there were five, in 1911 nine and in 1912 ten. The Superintendent of the Jubbulpore Jail considers that "all these men have committed petty offences solely with the object of obtaining their discharge from the Army". The warder difficulty does not appear to have become so acute as in Bengal and the United Provinces; nevertheless a general improvement was sanctioned in the pay of the warder establishment throughout the Provinces, as the result of which it is hoped to secure a better stamp of men for enlistment.

Charge Against Ceylon Recruiter
(From Our Correspondent)
Madras, July 31

Sub-Inspector F. Jackson left on Wednesday for Colombo with a warrant for the extradition of Kalayan Kangadi, of the Ceylon Labour Department, who is wanted under the following circumstances:- Peria Mooneswamy, a rickshaw coolly of Periamet, reported to the police that his son, aged nine years, was kidnapped by Kalayan and taken away as an emigrant coolly to Ceylon. The mother of the lad went to Chingleput and at the depot there saw her son, but for some reason did not give notice to the police. She states that she saw her son taken by train to Trichinopoly by Kalayan, and then returned to Madras. Sub-Inspector Jackson proceeded to Trichinopoly but found that the accused had left on the previous day for Colombo, along with the lad. He then returned to Madras and secured an extradition warrant.

Temporary Postponement Of Removal
From enquiries yesterday morning it has been ascertained that the intended removal of the Calcutta Fire Brigade from Lal Bazar to their new premises in Corporation Street at the beginning of this month has been temporarily postponed; probably for the next twenty days, on account of the non-completion of the new station. Three sergeants of the Calcutta Police have been taken off general duty and attached to the supernumerary list of the Fire Brigade. They will remain on duty at headquarters, and immediately the alarm bell notifying the outbreak of a fire is sounded, will accompany the Brigade for the purpose of keeping the crowd clear of the engines in addition to controlling the wheel traffic, at the place.

News Items

Impending Visit To Mysore
(From Our Correspondent)
Bangalore, July 31

Intimation has now been received that the Viceroy will be spending about two days in Bangalore during his visit to Mysore in November. Steps are accordingly being taken by the Municipal Commissioners of the Civil and Military station to present His Excellency with an address, but it is not yet known whether they will be able to avail themselves of the opportunity of representing various matters, such as the disposal of the surplus revenues of the Assigned Tract, or whether the address will be of a merely welcome character.
With regard to the telegram lately addressed by the Municipal Commission to the Viceroy regarding the Assigned Tract revenues, a reply has been received intimating that the question has been noted for early consideration.