High Handedness By Badmashes
In connection with the arrest of Babu Madrassi and his accomplice in the Beniapukur section of the town on charges of robbery with violence and extortion, Rev. Mr. Baaseit a missionary of the Seventh Day Adventist Mission residing at No. 58, Elliott Road, reported to the Taltollay thana that while he was cycling along Lower Circular Road on the 26th instant, he heard a voice calling out "sahib," and on jumping off his machine opposite Rai Sahib Golab Sing’s house, saw a ticca gharry and the two arrested men and another who was with them jumped out of the gharry. The absconding accused took charge of complainant’s bicycle, and the other two demanded money. Babu Madrassi is alleged to have seized hold of Mr. Baaseit, while the third man searched all his pockets. They got nothing and his assistants were in the act of using violence towards him when two European gentlemen happened to be passing that way and went to his rescue. Thereupon the three accused hurriedly got into the gharry and made good their escape. The two accused have been sent up for trial on this charge also, and a proclamation has been issued against the third man.


Official Allegations
(From Our Correspondent)
Cawnpore, July 30

Matters in connection with the Machhli Bazar mosque in Cawnpore are becoming more complicated every day. All the trustees of the mosque, including the two old trustees, have issued a signed statement of acts by way of reply to the recent communiqué issued by the United Provinces Government, in which the truth of important assertions and allegations contained in the communiqué is challenged. Another mass meeting of Mahomedans is likely to be held on Sunday next. Several prominent Mahomedans on their way back from the Moslem University meeting at Aligarh broke their journey at Cawnpore and visited Machhli Bazar mosque and had an interview with the local Mahomedans.

(From Our Correspondent)
Poona, July 30

At the third sitting of the Council the Hon. Mr. K.R. Godbole introduced a resolution which asked Government to reconsider the question of the interest charged on Tagavi loans to agriculturists and to reduce the same from 6 and one fourth to 4 and half per cent per annum in the case of loans granted under the Government of India Land Improvement Loan, Act 19 of 1883. The general trend of opinion was in favour of the appointment of a small committee to consider the figures of the last ten years, so that the rate of interest might be so regulated that Government made no profit. The Hon. Richard Lamb said he did not consider there was any need for a committee. He was quite willing to lay a statement on the table giving the figures, but these he reminded the members, were budgeted with those of similar heads of accounts dealing with Deccan agriculturists. The matter was allowed to stand over.
The election of a Finance Committee completed the business of the session, and the Council adjourned.


Villager’s Accidental Death
(From Our Correspondent)
Agra, July 30

Mr. P. Perron, said to be a descendant of the historical Perron family, was out shooting with some Indian friends. A shot was fired at a buck, but it appears to have missed, and the bullet apparently struck some hard object and flew off at a tangent, striking a villager in a neighbouring field, and killing him instantly. The matter is now under investigation by the local Police. Mr. Perron and his party appear to have been roughly handled by the villagers of the locality where the accident took place.