Hospital Committee’s Notice
(From Our Correspondent)
Bombay, July 16

As an upshot of the nurses’ strike in Cama Hospital the committee has issued the following notice:- The Committee of the Cama and Allbless Hospital  Nursing Association thoroughly endorse the action of the Lady Superintendent in respect of the rules issued by her on July 10th.
They view with great surprise and disapprobation the action of the pupil-nurses in refusing to obey these rules which are in every respect reasonable and part of the ordinary duties of the nursing profession to be learnt by all pupil-nurses, and the action of the pupil-nurses in refusing duty on account of the issue of these rules is a grave breach of discipline and deserving of the severest censure. With the exception of the leaders in this insubordination, the committee are prepared to allow the pupil-nurses who immediately return to duty and fully accept these rules to
continue their present course of training.

ALLEGED embezzlement
Staff-Sergeant Charged At Bangalore
(From Our Correspondent)
Bangalore, July 16

The trial by district court-martial commenced today, with Major Marshall, R.E., as president, of Staff Sergeant J.W. Warner, late head clerk of the Bangalore Brigade Office, on three charges of misappropriating funds entrusted to him amounting in all to Rs 366, of which Rs 216 represented gratuities given to him to disburse on account of the Abor expedition and the rest were contingent items. Captain Mitford, Cameron Highlanders, is prosecuting. Accused pleaded not guilty and is undefended. Captain King Mason, officiating Station Staff Officer, is giving

Protest Meeting At Dacca
(From Our Correspondent)
Dacca, July 16

A largely attended public meeting was held last evening in the Bar Association, presided over by the Hon. Mr. Ananda Chandra Roy. Several leading Hindu and Mahomedan gentlemen attended. The following resolutions were passed:- That this meeting places on record its respectful but strong protest against the enunciated in the letter of Mr. Sharp, published in the Gazette of India of February 21st, by which it is proposed to transfer the power of the Calcutta University to the Government of Bengal in the matter of affiliation and control of H.E. Schools and to abolish the Matriculation examination substituting school final in its place.That this meeting strongly deprecates the interference of the Government of India with the legislative function of the Calcutta University in the selection of university lecturers and the admission of a suitable number of students in the various classes of the colleges.
By the third resolution several Hindu and Mahomedan gentlemen were elected delegates for the forthcoming meeting at the Town Hall, Calcutta, to consider the educational policy of the India Government.

Increased Grant From Government
London, July 16

Sir Frederick Fryer, presiding at the annual dinner of the Burma Society announced an increase in the annual grant from the Secretary of State by pound 100 on the understanding that the Society, while free to make its own arrangements regarding guardianship and educational advice, still remained under the general supervision and control of the Secretary for Indian Students. Mr. C.E. Mallet was the guest of the evening. Sir Frederick said Mr. Mallet had offered his best assistance to the officers of the Society in helping Burmese