Inspection By Dr. Lefroy
(From Our Correspondent)
Bangalore, July 5
The Rev. Dr. Lefroy, the Metropolitan, attended by Archdeacon Cox, this afternoon inspected the Bangalore Boy Scouts at Bowring Institute under the command of Scout Commander Baker, and took the opportunity of presenting Assistant Scout Master Ince, of Bishop Cotton School Troop, with the Swastika badge lately awarded him by the Chief Scout. In a short speech Dr. Lefroy said he was happy to be associated with the Boy Scout movement in India, and among other things exhorted them to persevere in whatever they undertook. A great failing of lads in this country, he said, was that they could not be depended on to stick to a thing. This was probably true to a certain extent only, for the Metropolitan knew of many boys who were remarkably good examples of perseverance.

Budget Estimates For 1913-14
(From Our Correspondent)
Madras, July 5
The Government, sanctioning the budget estimates of the Port Trust for 1913-14, bears testimony to the growth of activities in the Harbour. The total revenue during 1911-12 was Rs 10,66,221. In 1912-13, according to the revised estimate, it amounted to Rs 11,95,000, and for the next year the figure is placed at Rs 12,56,000, an increase of nearly one lakh of rupees in two years. During the same period the total expenditure has risen from Rs 8,05,233 to Rs 9,07,000, the estimated profit on working for the current year being placed at Rs 3,49,000 as against actual profits of Rs 2,60,986. The experience of last year shows that these profits are estimated on the most conservative basis and are almost certain to be exceeded. “In any case the result is most satisfactory,” says the Madras Times.

A Triangular Tournament In Calcutta
(From Our Correspondent)
Rangoon, July 5
Recently the Colombo Cricket Club sent an invitation to the Rangoon Gymkhana Club to send over a team to Ceylon in December. The Rangoon Gymkhana team have now received an invitation from Calcutta, asking the team to go over there on a ten days’ tour from December 24th. The Calcutta Club mentioned that they had asked Colombo to send their team, so that the three teams could meet in a triangular cricket tournament. Rangoon Gymkhana have decided to accept Calcutta’s invitation, and, as Calcutta believes that Colombo would also accept the invitation, an interesting cricket tournament is in prospect.

After the Senate meeting was over, a meeting mainly attended by students was held in College Square under the presidency of Babu Surendra Nath Mullick. The object of the meeting was to exhort the audience to keep up the agitation against what the speakers characterised as the contemplated subversion of higher education in Bengal. It was notified by the President that a monster meeting will be held on the 21st instant at the Town Hall to protest against the apprehended officialisation of education in Bengal.

His Majesty is also taking a keen interest in the designs of the Government House and the public buildings of the new capital.
It is understood that the orders for building operations have been received, and no time will now be lost in taking up works in hand.
The Chief Commissioner, while at Simla, discussed the question of house accommodation for high officials during the ensuing season, and it is quite possible that there will be several changes, as all the members of the Viceroy’s Executive Council, two of whom stayed at Curzon House last cold weather, will be provided with official residences this year.