Almost simultaneously with the alleged discovery that the Government of India has erred in ignorance of its powers in respect of the University of Calcutta, comes the definite announcement that the Secretary of State is about to propose to Parliament a consolidation of the enactments relating to the Government of India. The main reason for the proposed legislation is that the Government at every turn “run the risk of discovering that they have unwittingly transgressed one of the limits imposed on the exercise of their authority.” This tendency is increased by the fact pointed out by Sir Courtney Ilbert in 1907, that in India there is nothing like the same continuity of policy and personnel that exists in England, “and the risk of misconstruing administrative law, or overlooking some important restrictions on administrative powers is exceptionally great.” No more convincing proof of this could be imagined ~ assuming that the Government has actually exceeded its powers in connection with the University ~ than its obliviousness of the effect of an Act passed less than a year and-a-half ago.

News  Items

Port Assured On The Adriatic
Prospects Of The Peace Treaty Improve
London, July 4

The conference of Ambassadors yesterday were unanimous with regard to the necessity of the Allies signing a preliminary treaty of peace immediately prior to the discussion of questions which are reserved for the decision of the Powers. At a meeting of the delegates of the Allies yesterday, it was agreed, after a prolonged discussion, to draft modifications of the preliminaries of peace which will be submitted to the Powers today. Dr. Daneff, the Bulgarian delegate, did not suggest any modifications. He urged the necessity for the immediate signature of peace.

Reappearance Of Green Bug Pest
(From Our Correspondent)
Bangalore, July 4

It is reported from some of the South Mysore coffee plantations that the green bug pest, which practically extinguished that industry in Ceylon and parts of Palni Hills and the Nilgiris years ago, has again appeared. The affected estates were visited by Mr. Anstead, planting expert to the United Planters’ Association of Southern India, and steps have been taken to counteract the outbreak by the early use of insecticides.

Several Wagons Derailed
(From Our Correspondent)
Bombay, July 4

The Advocate of India’s correspondent, telegraphing from Hoshangabad today, states that early yesterday morning a goods train was proceeding up the Vindhya Ghats on the Delhi road of the G.I.P. Railway when the train parted. Several wagons ran down the gradient and were derailed, the track being torn up for some hundred yards.

River Bank At Pulta
The General Committee on Friday considered the note submitted by the Engineer, Water Works, regarding the state of the river bank at Pulta. In his note the Engineer wrote that the bank at this spot had given them trouble for years. But this year the state of things was much more serious and protective work on a more extensive scale than that hitherto attempted would be necessary, involving the expenditure of a large sum of money.