300 Lakhs For The Public Service
It is notified in a Gazette of India extraordinary today that His Excellency the Right Hon. the Governor-General in Council has resolved to borrow three hundred lakhs of rupees for the public service.
Promissory notes will be issued for the said amount in the form annexed to the notification, being the form of the notes of the three-and-a-half per cent loan of 1900-01, of which loan the notes to be now issued will form a part. All the conditions which apply to notes of the three-and-a-half per cent loan of 1900-01, will apply to the notes to be now issued. The interest on the notes of that loan is payable half-yearly on the 30th day of June and the 31st day of December.

The Prevalence Of Armed Dacoities
(From Our Correspondent)
Rangoon, July 3

From all parts of the Province reports continue to be made of dacoities with fire-arms by bands of men numbering from four in some places to 10 and 15 in others. In almost every instance the dacoits seem to be plentifully supplied with ammunition. In many cases the value of property looted amounts from Rs 100 to Rs 300 or Rs 400, while in other cases it runs into thousands. The attackers invariably get away scot-free owing to the fear of the villagers of the fire-arms used.

We are informed that the Directors of the Bank of Bengal, at their meeting held on Thursday morning, the 3rd instant, declared a dividend and bonus to shareholders for the half year ended 30th ultimo at the rate of 14 per cent per annum. The profits available, including Rs 2,27,214 brought forward from the previous half year, amounted approximately to Rs 22,69,649, which sum was disposed of as follows:- In payment of a dividend and bonus at the rate of 14 per cent per annum Rs 14,00,000; transferred to Reserve Fund Rs 3,00,000; transferred Gratuity and Pension Fund Rs 50,000; carried to next half year Rs 5,19,649. The average rate for Demand Loans during the half year was 6.569 per cent.


Reasons For Rejection
(From Our Correspondent)
Mymensingh, July 3

The Government of India&’s letter giving reasons for rejecting the application for the affiliation of the Ananda Mohan College up to the B.A. standard has been received here. The main reasons for rejection are:- (1) The application reached the Government of India very late; (2) the present staff is insufficient and accommodation not ample; and (3) the required amount of Rs 50,000 has not yet been realised. Government intimate that if the necessary conditions are fulfilled they may reconsider the matter.
The Ananda Mohan College subscription committee requested the Magistrate, their President, to make a representation to the Senate for an opinion about opening the third-year class in anticipation of Government&’s sanction, as the staff and the necessary accommodation may easily be provided. 

Diversion Of Mails
An official communication says that owing to a heavy landslip on the Assam-Bengal Railway, the line between Bandarkhal and Damcherra has been completely blocked, in consequence of which the Calcutta mails for offices in Upper Assam are being detained. As the transhipment of mails over the block has been rendered impracticable, steps are being taken for the diversion of the mails for and from places in Assam above Damcherra via Gauhati by the up and down Darjeeling mail trains.