“India and the Indians” is the title of a new book by the Rev. Edward F. Elwin, published by John Murray. Mr. Elwin is a member of the well-known Anglican religious Society of St. John the Evangelist, more familiarly known as the Cowley Fathers, whose headquarters are at Poona. Some years ago he wrote a very readable book of “Indian jottings,” dealing mainly with his missionary experiences. His new book is of a more miscellaneous nature, as its title implies, dealing with Hindu philosophy and religion, Indian art, music and literature, the domestic life of the people, with descriptions of Indian scenery and of Indian natural history. An original remark Mr. Elwin makes – and it is not very easy to make original remarks about India – is that much of the European’s difficulty and lack of success in penetrating the Indian mind is due to his unfounded assumption that that mind is one well-nigh unfathomable intellectual subtlety. He adds that many readers get an entirely false idea of India and its people from certain popular novels, which are supposed to paint a true picture but have little relation to reality. He makes an exception in the case of “Kim,” whose talk he characterises as a fair representation of the ordinary talk of the Indian. “Kim” is no doubt a very fascinating young person, but few of us would regard him as a typical Indian.


Alleged Waste Of Public Funds
(From Our Correspondent)
Agra, June 26
It is understood that Mr. Prag Narain, Vakil, High Court, on behalf of six taxpayers, has served the Chairman of the Agra Municipal Board with a notice that, in view of the fact that great waste of public funds has been going on in the Board for some years past and that the Board has been employing incompetent and unqualified persons for discharging its various works, his clients have instructed him to give notice that unless within two months the loss public funds have been put to by the above mentioned acts of omission and commission are made good by those responsible for them and the services of all incompetent hands are dispensed with a suit will be brought against the Board for relief and for an injunction restraining the Board from retaining the services of incompetent and unqualified employees for wasting public funds.
27 June, 1913