By winning the Open Golf Championship at Hoylake in 304, J.H. Taylor, the popular Mid-Surrey professional, establishes a record for the Cheshire course, the nearest approach to it having been made in 1902, when Herd went round in 307. Arnaud Massy did it in 312 in 1907, and Mr. Hilton, this year’s Amateur Champion, in 314. That was in 1897, when he won the Open Championship. J.H. Taylor has now won the premier honour of the Golf world five times, but this is his first success on the Hoylake course. Only two other men have secured the Open Championship five times – Harry Vardon and J. Braid. The latter, by the way, holds the driving record – 395 yards, made at Walton Heath eight years ago. Willie Park won on four occasions, as did old Tom Morris and Tom Morris, jun. Morris the elder won for the last time in 1867, and in the four succeeding contests his son was the winner. Young Morris, as he then was, won the belt outright after his third success. Only one other player has won the Open Championship three years in succession, namely, Bob Fergusson, who took the trophy in 1880, 1881 and 1882.


A Vote Of Confidence
London, June 25
Sir Rufus Isaacs was given a great reception by his constituents at Reading. A resolution, with only four dissentients, was adopted, condemning "the vile and gross calumnies," and assuring Sir Rufus Isaacs of the confidence of the electors.
Acknowledging the resolution, Sir Rufus recapitulated his defence. There might, he said, still be noxious weeds attempting to raise their heads, but he would let them remain. He was satisfied with the resolution of the House of Commons.
26 June, 1913