A demand is now being made at Home for the unification of the local public health service. As an illustration of the distribution of authority which prevails at present the case is quoted of a family of six persons in London. The father, who is a consumptive out of work, is a pauper patient. The mother worked in a jam factory and was therefore insured, so she is being sent to a sanatorium for tuberculosis. The four children all need medical attention, and one of them is being looked after by a local health visitor, the second is being dealt with by a school clinic, the third is being treated at Guy&’s Hospital, and the fourth attends a local tuberculosis dispensary which is being run as a private charity. Through lack of organisation there is bound to be inefficiency and waste, nor can the problem of public health be solved until correlation is established between the curative and the preventive services. The direction in which things are tending is towards the establishment of a single public authority for the control of the medical and sanitary services in all their departments.


Opening Of Their New Offices
An afternoon party arranged by the Indian staff of the Planters’ Stores and Agency Co., Ltd., was held yesterday, to celebrate the opening of the new offices at No. 11, Clive Street. Quite a number of the firms friends were present the function proving a very pleasant one. Mr. R.H. Buchanan, the General Manager, was garlanded by Babu Sarat Chundra Chatterji, the chief accountant, on behalf of the Indian staff, who proposed Mr. Buchanan&’s health. In welcoming the party Mr. Buchanan, gave a short history of the firm since its inauguration in 1872, down to the present time, and dwelt on their present prosperity and eulogised the chief accountant, Babu Sarat Chundra Chatterji whose services to the Company were incalculable. Their new building was a handsome and commodius one. The remainder of the entertainment consisted of a jaltaranga concert by the Bharati Musical Association, and Indian vocal and instrumental music, which were much appreciated.

(From Our Correspondent)
Lucknow, June 3
There was some excitement in the city yesterday when a Brahmin widow named Ganga Devbi attempted suttee. Her husband had died the previous day. The funeral was yesterday, and Ganga Devi, richly dressed, set fire to her clothes when an alarm was given, and the fire put out. Ganga Devi, when the police arrived, stated that she would become a suttee, and the police sent her to jail, and placed her in the European ward.
4 June, 1913