Viscount Chinda Confers With President Wilson
Washington, June 6
Viscount Chinda yesterday conferred with President Wilson. This is the first occasion on which he has addressed the President directly on the subject of the Californian Land Legislation. Before seeing Viscount Chinda, President Wilson read the latest Japanese Note, which he described as opening a way to interesting and friendly negotiations.The New York Herald says that President Wilson informed Viscount Chinda that the United States was not disposed to initiate a suit in the American courts with a view to the nullification of the Webb Law in California, on the ground that it does not violate any existing Japan-American Treaty.

British Team Strong Favourites
Odds Of 5 To 2 Laid On
New York, June 6
The Chairman of the American Polo Association announces that the reserve players for the Polo Cup team will be Mr. Whitney and the Waterburys. This announcement is taken to indicate that the rumours that these three have retired from international polo owing to differences with the Selection Committee is unfounded. Experts judging the play of the new defenders are of opinion that the international matches will be well-contested. Odds of 5 to 2 on the Englishmen are now offered in London. This price is scarcely justified, though a slight margin of superiority certainly appears to lie with the Englishmen. Mr. Milburn, who recently met with a nasty accident, says he never felt better in his life.

A Victim Of The Camorra
London, June 6
The secret society known as the Camorra is responsible for yet another murder of vengeance in New York, the 20th within a period of 17 months. The victim was an Italian named Angelo Defino, who had been pursued round the world for ten years by agents of the Camorra. Defino, who is said to have betrayed his companions in Italy, fled first to Austria and there finding that he was followed, left for the Argentine. He was unable, however, to shake off his pursuers and his life was attempted five times. The night of his death Defino attended a dance-hall, and told his partner he thought he had at last eluded his trackers. Before he left the hall he was shot dead.                                                                                                
7 June, 1913