Appeal For Amelioration Of Conditions
(From Our Correspondent)
Cochin, June 8
A mass meeting of Pukayas who form the largest section of the depressed classes in the Cochin State, numbering, according to the last census, 72,789 with only 5 literate among them, was held at Ernakulam under the presidency of Mr. T.K. Krishna Menon, B.A., to concert measures for the amelioration of their condition, and a memorial was submitted to the Dewan, praying among other things, to permit them the free use of the public streets, to order the Educational department to admit their children into Sirkar schools, to establish a few primary and technical schools for their benefit, and to give them free education up to a particular standard.

European Fined
(From Our Correspondent)
Bombay, June 8
A case occurred in Bombay in which a European named Mr. W. Evans was charged with assaulting a Mahomedan gentleman in a lift. Complainant was first to enter the lift and, as it could only carry two persons, Mr. Evans demanded precedence, when the Mahomedan gentleman objected. Mr. Evans threw off his cap and assaulted him. The accused admitted having slapped the complainant, but pleaded “not guilty.” The Magistrate passed severe strictures on the conduct of Mr. Evans and fined him Rs 30. The Mahomedan assaulted was Mr. K.N. Fateh Alli, nephew of the late Mr. Justice Tyebji, and the trying Magistrate was Mr. G.R. Khairaz.

In reference to an interview which appeared in the Statesman of the 1st inst, giving a former English resident&’s experiences of “Three Years in Kabul,” the contractors for the hydro-electric works mentioned in the course of the article, Messrs. F. and C. Osler, Ltd., state that this work is being carried out under the supervision of the Chief Engineer, Mr. A.C. Jewett, and his two European assistants, all of whom are at the present time actually engaged on the head works at Jabl-us-Siraj, 40 miles from Kabul. It was not accurate, Messrs. Osler add, to say that the gentleman who was interviewed had spent “some three-and-a-half years on the hydro-electric scheme” since only the three engineers mentioned above are engaged on that scheme in Afghanistan. Messrs. Osler also state that the Chief Engineer was on leave during the last cold season, returning to his duties in March, and during that time he certainly made no reflections on the conditions existing in Afghanistan.

A telegram from our Agra correspondent states that the Commissioner, Agra Division, has asked the Agra Municipal Board to reconsider the resolution which, it seems, was passed at last Thursday&’s meeting of the Board held in connection with the Government order regarding the Agra Municipal Secretary-Engineer and municipal matters. A special meeting is to take place on the 11th instant for this purpose. It is notified by the Secretary-Engineer that the public will not be admitted to it.             9 June, 1913