Mr. Bryan’s lecturing programme hardly gains in dignity by his appearance as a "star" turn in a travelling tent show: but after all, the main point raised by his dogged persistence as a public lecturer is whether he is justified in holding an important public office without devoting the whole of his time to its duties. Mr. Bryan would apparently be quite willing to give up lecturing if he were paid 8,000 dollars, or about pound 1,600, more per annum by the State.
This would bring his salary up to pound 5,000, which is the annual salary paid to each of His Majesty’s Secretaries of State. The salary does not seem excessive, and if Mr. Bryan has set himself to shame the Republic into raising the stipends of himself and his fellow-Ministers there may perhaps be some justification for the very noticeable methods which he has adopted. Whether that be his object or not, it may be assumed that the offer of the New York World to supplement his salary by 8,000 dollars per annum will not be accepted. The offer is made, with unconscious humour, in the interests of the dignity of the Government, and whether this object were attained or not it would certainly have the effect of advertising the New York World.

News Items

High Court’s Confirmation
(From Our Correspondent)
Allahabad, Jan 6

The following is an extract of the judgment of the High Court confirming the death sentence in the Train Murder Case: It is clear from the facts that there is no direct evidence to connect the appellant with the murder of Miss Murphy. The evidence against the appellant is circumstantial evidence. We have to see whether that evidence brings the charge home to him. The facts, if true and credible, unmistakably point to the appellant being the murderer of Miss Murphy. It is also improbable that the police should have told Sukkhu to say that the guard walked along the footboard from the brake-van to the carriage of Miss Murphy, knowing full well that there was no continuous footboard.
It is therefore quite clear that the statement of September 4th was not made by Sukkhu at the instigation of the police or anyone else. His statement that he was made to drink liquor and charas by the police is also void of foundation. We think Sukkhu’s relatives’ statements in the Magistrate’s court are true, and the subsequent denial was made in the interest of Sukkhu. These circumstances taken together, leave no doubt of the guilt of Sukkhu.

Coal King’s Dinner And Ball
Berlin, Jan 6

On the eve of the great wedding in Berlin between the Hon. John Freeman Mitford, fourth son of Lord Redesdale and Anna, daughter of Herr Friedlaenderfull, the coal king of Germany, a magnificent dinner and ball were given at the gorgeous mansion of the bride’s parents. Three hundred guests were present including Lord and Lady Redesdale and various ambassadors. Professor Reinhardt produced scenes from "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," in which the most famous artists took part.

Calcutta Newspaper Office Searched

On Sunday morning the office of the Mussalman, 4, Elliott Lane, Calcutta, was searched by some CID officers for issues of the paper, in which the pamphlet entitled "Come over into Macedonia and help Us" was reprinted. As Sunday is observed as a holiday in the office, neither the editor nor any other responsible person was present. A number of papers were seized and taken away.
The search was made under a warrant from the Chief Presidency Magistrate. The issues of the Mussalman had not been proscribed by the Government of Bengal though the pamphlet had been.