Mr. Anthony Hope Hawkins in a letter to the Times makes out a strong case for the exclusion of the Rhodes Scholars from the Freshmen’s sports at the English universities. Success in manly outdoor pastimes is one of the accomplishments to which the Trustees under Mr. Rhodes’s will are directed to attach importance in awarding the scholarships, and, as Mr. Anthony Hope points out, "of all Mr. Rhodes’s qualifications the athletic is the commonest to find, the easiest to recognise and the most popular to reward."
It is obviously unfair to youths who have just come up to Oxford or Cambridge from the public schools that they should have to compete in athletics with older men who have already won laurels at other universities. Within the last fortnight, as the cable has informed us, the Oxford University sports committee have dealt with the question by deciding to exclude from Freshmen’s sports anyone who has resided at another university, and from the University Sports anyone who is over the age of 24. These restrictions should make for keenness among the men from the public schools and should be welcomed by the Rhodes Scholars as a compliment to their own athletic prowess.
Rapid Progress Of The Scheme
First Section About To Be Sanctioned
London, Dec 6
Reuter learns that it is expected that before December 31st the Russian Council of Ministers will confirm the preliminary concession for the line from Aliat on the Trans-Caucasian Railway to Astara, forming the first section of the Trans-Persian Railway. The matter will then go to the Council of States for final confirmation. Work will begin as early as possible. Directly the concession is definite the Societe-d-Etudes will meet in Paris to discuss the financing of the section from Astara to Teheran. The Russian group will proceed with construction as soon as possible. Otherwise the trans-Persian railway scheme has not changed.
The alignment of the southern section is still being negotiated. Work on the Julfa-Tabriz line is
proceeding on both sides of the

Banias Assaulted
(From Our Correspondent)
Agra, Dec 6
There is excitement in Agra on account of the stoppage of marriage processions of Hindus on the objection of Mahomedans in connection with the Mohurrum festival. The trouble has been caused by low-class Mahomedans. It is alleged that some local rich Banias were assaulted and received injuries last night. Today, complaints were filed in the Court against some Mahomedans.

Sequel To Faridpur Affair
Ten Houses Searched In Calcutta
The Intelligence Branch of the Bengal CID, assisted by the Calcutta Police were busy yesterday morning searching several houses in the northern and southern section of the town in connection, it is understood, with some political crime committed in the Faridpur District some time ago.
It is stated that altogether ten houses were searched. In the southern quarter, the police searched 30 and 33, Wellesley Street, in connection with the whereabouts of two Bengali youths of Faridpur named Rai Charan Biswas and Pullin Behary Das. No arrest, however, was made.
The search in the northern quarter extended to several houses in the jurisdiction of the Sukea Street, Colutollah Muchipara and Kumartolli thanas. One arrest is reported to have been made.